The Future of How We Shop

By 2016 the global e-commerce retail sales will reach $1,321 trillion (with a “t”). The expected increase from 2011 is 67%. Shopping is moving online quickly and here are some of the drivers behind this trend:

The Death of the Queue

There are no lines online and this saves time. A UK study discovered that the British, who used to be famous with their respect for the ‘queue’, do not feel this way anymore. 59% of UK shoppers refuse to wait in line. 32% prefer online shopping if there is a queue and 18% will go to another store if faced with a queue.

Mobiles in the Store

21% of all shoppers are already m-shoppers. This means that they use their mobile devices, while in retail stores – in order to improve their shopping experience. This is a fast growing trend and increasingly retailers are finding ways to convert these m-shoppers into e-commerce customers. In-store applications like endless isle enable customers to buy online, while in the store and to have the items delivered.


Speaking of mobile – more than 90% of e-commerce customers already use their mobiles for pre-shopping tasks. Increasingly these pre-tasks turn into full sales transactions.

Social Shopping

Social media shopping is on the rise and one in three shoppers prefer social media over telephone customer service. 86% of US retailers have social media presence.

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We can continue the list with more statistics about mobile wallets, shopping apps, contactless payments and new platforms like Uber. The picture however is clear – the future of how we shop is digital. There is one clear conclusion from all that and it is – anyone in retail needs to start taking their e-commerce even more seriously.


Global retail e-commerce will reach $1.3 Trillion in 2 years. Tweet this

84% of shoppers used their smartphone in store. Tweet this

Mobile accounts for 20% of eBay sales. Tweet this



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