The Upshot Commerce Order Management System (OMS) is mature and proven solution for capturing omnichannel orders and orchestrating intelligent order fulfillment. Whether used in conjunction with the Upshot D2C or B2B solutions or integrating with your existing retail systems, the Upshot OMS is a powerful, customizable and cost-effective solution for conquering the challenges of omnichannel retailing.



Empower call center staff with a common interface for multichannel orders. Fully customizable with the ability to tailor views and workflows per user type or group, Upshot's OMS Customer Service features are ideal for empowering your staff to quickly and efficiently identify and resolve customer service issues.

  • Use our core order workflow statuses or add your own statuses
  • Place order as an administrator user or call center agent
  • Easily search for existing customers
  • Specify how the customer found your store
  • Add referral or keywords to order notes
  • Add special instructions for warehouse staff or distribution center
  • Add internal order notes for customer service or call center staff
  • Add product by search, browsing, direct enter SKU or eBay ID
  • Quickly browse brands, models/names and SKUs by index letter or number
  • Select sort option search results
  • Add coupon codes
  • Add Reward Point discounts (if applicable)
  • Save order if customer cannot complete and wishes to return
  • Allow for in-store pick up and one or multiple stores
  • Automatically send e-mail autoresponders and triggers

  • Assign multiple groups to customers and users
  • Search for customers by selectable metadata
  • Filter view by registered or guest customers
  • See which registered customers are on your site right now and their cart contents
  • View deleted/inactive customers

  • Batch update users to delete, assign to a group or make active or inactive
  • Allow customers to be tax exempt
  • Manage payment information
  • Manage multiple billing and shipping addresses
  • View complete order history
  • View and manage Reward Points account (if Rewards Point Extension is enabled)
  • View items that a customer recently viewed
  • Update the customer's password or any other metadata
  • Add internal customer notes with priority, flags and email reminders
  • Add unlimited miscellaneous fields per customer
  • View and manage a customer's wish list
  • Masquerade as the user and view your retail web site as the customer
  • View coupons used by the customer
  • View gift certificates used by the customer
  • Place a new order for the customer

  • Create unlimited customer groups
  • Allow specific payment options per user group
  • Allow specific shipping methods per user group
  • Contract price levels - assign a price per unique group
  • Create viewing rules and apply to all or select customer groups
  • Restrict or allow product, category or site access on a group by group basis


The Upshot OMS is well-suited for optimizing and managing multi-channel inventory. Sophisticated inventory management, assignment and protection capabilities ensure your business' ability to get the right products to the right customers on time.

  • Sell physical or digital products and services
  • Various inventory control options, globally and per product
  • Specify a Store Price, Retail/MSRP and cost
  • List the quantity in stock at one or multiple warehouses
  • Specify the quantity in stock at one more multiple physical stores
  • Specify the quantity in stock with a drop ship provider
  • Set a Minimum Order Quantity allowed
  • Set a Maximum Order Quantity allowed
  • Allow a product (or group of products) to be tax exempt
  • Allow the product to be visible or visible, active or inactive
  • Specify whether or not the product should appear in search results and upsells
  • Allow for price overrides by call center agents
  • Specify whether or not the item should be included in Inventory Valuation reports
  • Specify a SKU, model or both
  • Set a character limit to the Model name
  • Specify a brand name
  • Specify a short description or along description
  • Select a pricing visibility rule; visible to everyone, visible when added to cart or price sent via email
  • Set triggers to receive email re-order reminders when stock reaches a certain threshold
  • Allow customers to received Price Alert notices if a product reaches a customer's target price


Sophisticated out-of-the-box order control capabilities allow your business rules to guide the progress of customer orders. Whether you need to route high value orders to a secondary approval queue, or ensure products cannot ship to states where they are prohibited, Upshot's customizable Order Control features help keep costs down by automating and enforcing the order controls your business needs.


The complexities of logistics and shipping are compounded for organizations with multiple distribution centers and retail stores. The Upshot OMS allows organizations to define ideal fulfillment scenarios based on the order composition, destination and shipping option. This powerful capability allows business' to fulfill their brand promise to the customer while keeping the costs of order fulfillment to a minimum.

  • Batch process by all packages, selected packages, search results, tags
  • Batch update order status
  • Choose whether or not to send customer email update for batched processed orders
  • Batch download and print cover pages, invoices, packing slips and shipping labels
  • Export orders to Endicia's Dazzle
  • Export orders to Quickbookx
  • Batch download and print packing lists
  • Batch send e-mail invoice
  • Create custom batch operations
  • Batch export to Shopping Cart Assistant format
  • Pick lists and barcode integration
  • Allow customers to checkout as a guest or registered user
  • Enforce registered user-only checkout option
  • Add special instructions for warehouse staff if field is available
  • Add coupon codes
  • Add Reward Point discounts (if applicable)
  • Opt for in-store pickup on one or multiple stores


Upshot's OMS allows for order cancellation by both customer service staff and, if allowed, but the customer. Leveraging business rules defined by your organization, the inventory can then be returned to inventory and the payment method refunded. Seamless and efficient order cancellation allows you to meet and exceed customer expectations.


  • Built-in features for common warehouse needs
  • Customizable order statuses and workflow for unique warehouse needs
  • Barcode integration with UPS, FedEx, and USPS
  • Print picklists with pick-bin or warehouse location tags
  • Sort picklists by most popular items, alphabetically or define
  • Batch print and process invoices, packing lists and gift notes
  • Beautiful PDF templates included and fully customizable
  • Batch inventory updates via CSV file upload
  • Quickly identify problem orders
  • Create triggers to auto-update order status
  • Send/resend customer emails
  • Automatically trigger fraud rules and require order verifications
  • Enable in-store pickup
  • Enable shipping from multiple distribution centers
  • Internal note tracking and notification system
  • Automatically send autoresponders, triggers, and move statuses based on defined actions
  • Specify shipping cut off time
  • Allow/disallow taxing shipping charges
  • Enable and/or specify handing fee for shipments
  • Allow customers to select multiple shipping methods and addresses per order
  • Enforce shipping to single address
  • Enable one page per invoice
  • Enable sort order lines by SKU
  • Specify shipping label paper width and height
  • Opt to hide barcode on peeling labels
  • Opt to hide top address on peeling labels
  • Opt to hide barcodes on invoices
  • Add package IDs to barcodes


Ensure your business rules for identifying and routing high risk orders are enforced for all orders. The Upshot OMS Fraud Hub was created to ensure identification and surfacing of potentially fraudulent orders to the appropriate members if your customer service staff, thus allowing your organization to significantly reduce the indigents of fraud and chargebacks.

  • Upshot keeps customer data protected behind firewalls
  • Upshot does not use or allow vendor-supplied defaults, system passwords or security parameters
  • Upshot uses and regularly updates anti-virus software
  • Upshot develops, maintain and update secure systems and applications
  • Upshot restricts access to data on a need-to-know basis
  • Upshot assigns a unique ID to each person with computer access
  • Upshot restricts physical access to cardholder data
  • Upshot tracks and monitors all access to network resources and cardholder data
  • Upshot maintains a policy that addresses information security
  • 100% Managed cloud computing infrastructure
  • Hacker deterrent security provisioning
  • Enterprise-grade network architecture
  • Real-time intruder detection
  • Firewall protection
  • Daily PCI, Nessus and virus scanning
  • HTTPS:// and SSL support
  • 24/7 network & security management by dedicated system security specialists
  • Hourly back-ups
  • IP blocking
  • Multiple Role-Based Administrator Accounts
  • No credit card storage option
  • PCI Level 1 DSS 2.0 Certified Tokenization
  • Strong password enforcement
  • 90-day forced administrator password changes
  • Back office geographical and proximity real-time validations
  • Back office IP restriction access and brute force detection
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack mitigation plans and correction


The Upshot OMS Stock Information capabilities ensure your organization fulfills it's promise of on time and accurate delivery to customers. Stock information is managed and maintained in a single repository, thus ensuring a single source of truth regarding stock for retails of all compositions. Multiple warehouses, drop ship inventory and even POS data can all be stored in our highly customizable and powerful OMS.


When you've spent years building and growing your ecommerce company, developing systems that meet the specific needs of your business, the prospect of moving to a new platform may seem daunting. Transferring your databases to a new platform may not be feasible, but you know it's time to update and upgrade. With Upshot, that's not a problem. Our platform seamlessly integrates with numerous legacy systems, such as EDI, XML, and AS/400, allowing you to retain essential systems you currently use while also updating your site to adapt to the changing ecommerce landscape.


You've spent time and effort winning over your loyal, enthusiastic customers. It's time to upgrade your system to a better ecommerce software platform, but you don't want to lose the special spark that keeps you ahead of the competition. Upshot offers tailored professional services to ensure that you preserve that spark and grow your business using the tools right for you. With Upshot, you are not pigeon-holed into a rigid, pre-defined set of ecommerce tools - we'll work with you to figure out what works, and give you the training to successfully use all those tools. All Upshot platform features and extensions work on-demand, as-is - and are also fully customizable by our experienced team of ecommerce strategists and engineers.
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