• Upshot Commerce: Inventory Management
    Omni-Channel Commerce Cloud Platform For The New Enterprise. Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant.

  • Upshot Commerce: Order Management The most customizable, on-demand ecommerce solution. Ever.

  • Upshot Commerce: Customer Management Omni-Channel Commerce Cloud Platform For The New Enterprise. Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant.

  • Upshot Commerce: Checkout Management The most customizable, on-demand ecommerce software solution. Ever.

  • SEO & Marketing Tools for ECommerce Omni-Channel Commerce Cloud Platform For The New Enterprise. Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant

  • Upshot Commerce: Wholesale Management The most customizable, on-demand ecommerce software solution. Ever.

  • Finance, Tax, & ERP Tools Omni-Channel Commerce Cloud Platform For The New Enterprise. Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant.

  • Upshot Commerce: International Features The most customizable, on-demand ecommerce software solution. Ever.

  • 99.99% Uptime & Lightening Fast Load Times Omni-Channel Commerce Cloud Platform For The New Enterprise. Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant.

  • Reports & Analytics The most customizable, on-demand ecommerce software solution. Ever.

  • Merchandising Manager Omni-Channel Commerce Cloud Platform For The New Enterprise. Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant.

  • Security, Fraud & Chargeback Prevention. Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliance. The most customizable, on-demand ecommerce software solution. Ever.

About Upshot Commerce
(formerly Make-a-Store, Inc.)

The Upshot Platform provides a suite of enterprise-ready features to start or migrate your omnichannel, convergent commerce efforts. We are a cost effective solution for the new enterprise that won't break the bank.

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ERP Integration Capabilities
MAS500 Integration, MAS90/200 Integration, Epicor iScala Integrated

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Client Quotes
  • "First I want say thank you so very much for the work you did on our on our site. I am very pleased on how the site looks and came out. You did a very nice job. I learned a lot from you during the process and how this all comes together. I hope you are being successful doing this business because you have a loyal customer now and in the future. Secondly for putting up with all my questions."
    — Frank Bosco, All Star Camera, Inc. www.allstarcamera.com
  • "...the ability to communicate about the program details online is facilitated by flexible and intelligent programmers. ...the ability to customize page designs to reflect the singular image of your business is available. ...Customers will find the shopping process logical & easy-to-follow thereby increasing the possibility of sales."
    — Bonnie Arons, Bilingual Books For Kids
  • "I can't tell you enough how much this software has actually increased business after our departure from that "other" shopping cart program with the measly 50 items and partial security features! Many customers and our employees really like the ease of [Upshot Commerce]. Have a great holiday and a (much deserved) prosperous new year!"
    — Dragon Voice Recognition
  • "[Upshot Commerce] is fantastic! We were 100% satisfied with their work which is high quality, custom-done, prompt, and accommodating."
    —Riva Pomerantz, Feldheim Publishers
  • "Without reservation or hesitation, I recommend [Upshot Commerce]'s e-commerce software and Neal Kaiser... The software platform: Does everything [Upshot Commerce] say it does. Has proven itself to flexible, adaptable, and well thought out. On Neal Kaiser: Fantastic accessibility and responsiveness..."
    — Alan Henning, Manager, The Boston Globe Store, A Business Unit of The New York Times Company
  • "By the way, I've been spending some serious time with [Upshot Commerce] and find this is the most flexible package I've ever worked with for our sites. Its really exciting for us because there is great power in this flexibility. I'm still learning the basics right now but am looking forward to getting into the meat of this project real soon. You all must be proud to have so many satisfied customers."
    — Ken Swanson, US Builder Supply
  • "We have used [Upshot Commerce] in conjunction with many of our projects. It is easy to use and customize. [Upshot Commerce]'s staff is helpful and works well with us, they have become an important part of our team. We have used both the standard database and pro database versions of their software and also their Auctioneer software. For the price this product is the best on the market."
    — Ken Swanson, US Builder Supply
  • "I cannot express enough how happy I am with Neal and the company he's created. He addresses our concerns quickly and cost effectively while keeping an eye on the long term technical health and viability of the Oompa Toys web site. He ensures any problems are resolved in a timely manner and adds new features quickly and virtually bug-free. I appreciate his ability to keep costs down and his ability suggest alternate solutions when costs start to creep up."
    — Jason Oliver, Oompa.com
  • "...the site has been working very very well and all the customer comments are positive. Thanks again for all your help."
    — Woolf Kanter, AllElectronics.com
  • "This thing is working like a genius, and the reports have really helped in my understanding on what needs to change, and what people really want....I can't thank you enough for all you have done, and I thank you personally for all of the support....I am telling everyone I know about you and about makeastore.com...."
    — Scott Burkhead, photorazzi.com
  • "The system runs smoothly and is everything (and more) that we expected. We immediately saw a dramatic increase in sales, and are now experiencing a 8X sales growth since the system went online (about 6 months ago). The system has paid for itself many times and we recouped our investment the first week it was up and running. [Upshot Commerce] has also been incredibly quick to respond to our questions regarding changes we wanted to make to the system since it was installed. The level of after-the-sale customer service has been every bit as good as it was when it first went online."
    —Christopher Carfagno, The Sound Professionals, thesoundprofessionals.com

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