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4 Ways to Expand Your Mobile Strategy

Apr 19, 2016 by Erica

The debate about whether you need to design a mobile experience for consumers has been settled. With Google’s algorithmic changes last year that favor mobile-ready sites and the fact tha... Read more

Effective Search Functionality and Design

Apr 11, 2016 by Erica

Data indicates that customers who arrive on your site ready to search for something are more likely to convert than those who come just to browse. On-site searching plays a role in as much... Read more

9 Tips for Stellar User-Generated Content

Jan 25, 2016 by Erica

Most consumers today turn to the internet to research purchases, regardless of what they’re shopping for. While detailed product descriptions and catchy marketing copy are foundational ... Read more

Replatforming – Total Overhaul or Gradual Update?

Jan 12, 2016 by Erica

To stay competitive in ecommerce, it’s important to periodically assess the effectiveness of your ecommerce platform. Are the tools available to you meeting the demands of your busines... Read more

Top 5 Things to Look for in a New Ecommerce Platform

Jan 5, 2016 by Erica

Consumer expectations in ecommerce evolve rapidly. It’s important to stay responsive to those expectations in order to stay competitive in a diverse and growing field. This doesn’t mea... Read more


We're always adding new features to our platform and making system improvements. Check out the latest developments here!

October 2015
  • Countdown Timer for "Coming Soon" Pre-Order products
  • Bulk download of User Reward Points
  • Add RMA statistics to User dashboard
  • Google "Trusted Stores" Plugin
September 2015
  • Product Review - email notifications to administrators when new reviews
  • Dropship Requests - ability to override default supplier cost
  • Payment Receipt - option to mark certain payment options as 'Paid' by default
  • Report to identify items missing category mappings
  • Plugin: Windsor Circle
August 2015
  • Pre-Order and Waitlist automation
  • Batch item/order short-shipping, cancellation, and adjustments
  • Item adjustments to allow percentage-off adjustments
  • Ability to calculate extra handling by "each additional"
  • OAuth integration - use Upshot as Single Sign On provider
  • New product type that combines eGift Certificates with a Mailed Gift Certificate
  • Restrict Plugin - can now restrict by products and categories to specific users
  • Bulk payment of outstanding purchase orders
  • Purchase Order reconciliation report
  • Thermal packing slip & shipping label printing
July 2015
  • Ability to discount Gift Cards
  • New RMA report
  • Full category path passed to GA Enhanced eCommerce
  • Multiple Currencies now available in Order Manager list view
  • Delivery Date selector plugin - choose date an item will be delivered
  • Updates to responsive theme
  • Quickbooks realtime plugin
  • Salesforce integration plugin
  • Marketo integration plugin
June 2015
  • New Attribute system and attribute profile manager for PIM profiles
  • Progress App plugin - product informaiton status tracking and management
May 2015
  • Automatic Address Validation - Checks and updates entered addresses to meet USPS standards - e.g. Street to ST, Suite to STE
  • Package-Level Gifting Plugin
  • Item Alternatives Plugin - Suggest alternate items based on stock availability
  • PIM Workflow Status/Management
  • RMA Reporting
April 2015
  • Order Manager - add feature to search in order note framework
  • Apparel Plugin - new tool for uploading swatches at the parent level for each unique colors
  • “Smart” continue shopping button for cart view that takes customer to location that should lead to highest increase in AOV
  • Multi-Lingual Enahnacements - ability to view order information and invoice in local or default language
  • Currency Enhancments - ability to view an order in OMS in local or default currency
March 2015
  • Switch to CK Editor for better WYSIWYG editing, image management, and short tags
February 2015
  • Live Trends plugin - merchandising field displays products being added to carts and their locations in real-time
  • Perfect Fit kits - allows for customers to add selected items to cart to "try on" for free; ability to support 2 active carts simultaneously; multi-user order email support; location-based ship-to integration
  • Time-triggered promotional messages - allows you to specify the start and end dates for promo messages and teasers on thumbnails and PDP
  • Apparel Merchandiser - new user interface for merchandising at the style/color level
  • Database Tools - new "Add Only" bulk upload mode
January 2015
  • Google Analytics: Checkout Funnels
  • Google Analytics: Newsletter Goal Conversion Tracking
  • Item Images Report - displays all images and image count for each SKU
  • Q&A Social Plugin - customers can ask and retailers can answer questions directly on product pages
December 2014
  • Google analytics: Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
  • Pinboard App
  • Product Ensemble App / Apparel Mix-n-Match
  • ID.me integration
November 2014
  • Wordpress Plugin to dynamically load product data.
  • Bronto Email Marketing Platform Plugin.
  • Email Acquisition Popup Plugin.
  • GTM data layer configurations for items/categories.
October 2014
  • Google UA Checkout Step Virtual Pages for OPC.
  • Product reviews flexfields (e.g. fit to size).
  • Rich Snippets & Microdata for products and reviews.
  • Affirm Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Do not allow deleting addresses active on a gift registry.
  • OMS - filter orders by sales channel.
  • OMS - ability to split a single line item into multiple for re-packaging.
  • 3rd Party Mobile & Tablet detection API integration.
  • Mobile Redirection updates for Google standards.
September 2014
  • Plugin: Order Auditing Change Log.
  • Automatically cancel open authorizations when order is canceled.
  • Purchase Ordering - send special instructions to supplier.
  • Additional Currency Conversion Services: WebserviceX, Google , Yahoo Finance, ECB Currency.
  • Plugin: Prev/Next Navigation on PDPs.
  • European Union VAT (Value Added Tax) included in prices.
  • Order Manager - color coded icons for late shipments.
  • Purchase Ordering - dynamic calculations of re-order points and PO automation.
August 2014
  • Territory Restrictions - separation from Upper 48 and United States.
  • New Live Feed Plugin.
  • GAAP Enforcement features.
  • Purchase Order: Additional Reporting.
  • Top Sellers Isotope Pinboard.
  • Brand Logo App.
July 2014
  • Twitter Product Cards.
  • New Promotion Rule: Per unit count.
  • New Widget - Live Trends Feed.
  • Google Tag Manager - advanced data layer tracking - add to cart, order, product/quick view.
  • Purchase Order Extension - additional supplier search tools.
  • New Extension: Ad/Content User Segmentation targeting.
  • Support for smarty tags in content zones and CMS pages.
  • New Payment Gateway: Element.
  • New Extensions: Power Reviews, StreamSend.
  • API Update - Issue credits, debits, captures, voids, refunds via API.
  • jQuery 1.9 Upgrade
June 2014
  • Signifyd Fraud Detection integration.
  • Advanced Google Universal Analytics tracking segments added.
  • Tax Caching: Additional memcached caching for tax rates
  • CMS Enhancements: Add tree manager, support of parent/child articles, separate of zones from full CMS pages, and article search features.
  • Order Manager: Search by Coupon or Gift Certificate Code
  • Gift Certificate Manger: Link to show each order a Gift Certificate was used in.
  • Google Tag Manager Plugin.
  • Ajax Category and Search Results Filtering and Paging.
  • Solr facets configurable for which assets are visible to search engines and which are not.
  • Dynamic Categories - load category results via Solr faceted configuration instead of items2categories static mapping.
  • Email Subscriber opt in/out support in Customer Manager.
  • ThredUp Integration.
May 2014
  • Variable to disable auto capturing of digital items such as gift certificates, digital downloads, services, etc.
  • Category Assignments in Item Manager are now tabbed per unique site.
  • Store Locator - new features allow custom pin icons per store and sort ordering for featured stores.
April 2014
  • Bitcoin Payment Gateway - via Coinbase.
  • Order Update - send reason for line item cancellation to customer in email status updates.
  • Google Analytics API - Track customer ID w/ persistent cookie.
  • Coupon Duplicator Extension.
  • Controller Redirection – allows adding custom 301 redirects.
  • Reorder - shows frequently ordered products with simple re-ordering interface.
March 2014
  • Pinterest Rich Pins
  • Upsell Manager Enhancement - Allows for visual drag/drop sort merchandising in upsell manager, similar to functionality in Category sorting.
  • Order & Customer Manager Update - Include tools for re-sending gift certificate email notifications
  • Inventory Status Report Enhancement - Additional filters added, as well as ability to see open non-shipped order details.
  • Gift certificate enhancement - Allows admin to see how gift certificate was generated (purchased, manual, store credit, etc).  Additional enhancement to allow for automatic sending of purchase gift certificates even when in multi-part order
February 2014
  • SEO Enhancements - Case sensitivity redirects, query string parameter canonicals, pagination canonicals.
January 2014
  • Sales Force Ordering - Responsive sales force app for taking orders for your customers.
  • Executive Report Emails - Have XLS and PDF reports emailed to specific individuals every day
  • Coupon Update - Automatically delete unused and expired coupons.  Logically deteles after 60 days, and fully purges after 120 days (dates are configurable).
  • Geo Access Extension - Limit pricing and buying options on your site on a per-country basis
December 2013
  • Responsys Integration
  • Private Sale Extension
  • RMA automation - Import files from 3 people with RMA data and automatically issue refunds and store credits to close out RMAs.
November 2013
  • Enhanced Gift Card Extension - Add functionality to edit the gift card recipient details after the order is placed (to email, messagem delivery date)
  • Coupon Update - When using both $ and % coupons stacked, prioritize the % coupon to engage before the $ coupon.
  • Bundles - Allow deleting of a parent bundle item from an order, and auto removing of all child items after the order is placed.
  • Store Locator - Add GPS and Google Directions support.
October 2013
  • Store Locator - Add GPS and Google Directions support.
  • Back Order Management - Variable to charge all shipping up front or to proportionally prorate it.
  • New Email Templates for Shipments of Multi Packages - send notification for each package delivered, showing what’s already delivered and what remains to be delivered.
  • SEO - automatically add canonical tag if URL is accessed with wrong case sensitivity for items and categories.
  • Drop Shipping Extension - Features and reports.
  • Exclusive Offer Extension - Allow for payment and shipping data on single step.
  • Database Tools - Import Gift Certificates. Add option to generate report of gift certificates.
  • New Design Feature - "Wink" feature on selected images on thumbnail results.
  • DutyCalculator Extension - Calculate duty expenses for shipping internationally.
September 2013
  • Endless Page and Lazy Load Images - New design feature allowing images to be loaded on demand when you scroll down for faster page loading. Pages loaded on demand, subcategory by subcategory.
  • Slow Movers Report - New report shows least selling items based on predetermined time frames.
  • Coupon Use by SKU Report - New report shows use of coupons across SKUs
  • Coupon Use by Order Report - New report shows use of coupon by order.
  • User Group Enhancement - Option to offer free returns to select user group. Waives return shipping fees for RMAs.
  • Receive Check in Order Manager - allow you to mark off which packages the payment applies to.
  • Packing Slip Enhancement - Singular mode for print packing slips will prompt you if you wish to print all slips or just the ready to ship lists.
  • Autoship Extension - show list of reasons for billing failures in back office customer autoship list.
  • Help Desk Extension - internal notes functionality added.
  • Coupon Enhancement - If trying to add a coupon and the code matches a previous code (now deleted) we will change the code of the deleted coupon and allow it in the new campaign.
August 2013
  • New Extension - Advanced Back Order Management Automation
  • New Extension - Express Checkout
  • Tax Snapshots Enhancement - When an order is recalculated w/o changing items or shipping address, the tax snapshot from the time the order was placed is used rather than fetching current rates. This enables tax holiday support.
  • New “Assign To Parent” Batch Tool - Used when browsing items. Allows you to attach SKUs to a parent or change the parent currently assigned.
  • Advanced Order Management - tool allows for merging and cloning of orders.
  • Shipping and Item Handling Fees separated into separate order line items.
  • New Sales by Brand/Manufacturer Report
  • PII Encryption. This extension will encrypt all PII at rest.
  • Purchase Order Enhancement - Barcode label printing in purchase order merchandise receive added.
July 2013
  • Help Desk Extension- Improved user interface and new features.
  • Rewards Program Extension- Newly created report on outstanding customer discounts and liabilities.
  • Residential/Commercial Shipping- Ability to distinguish between residential and commercial addresses. The new Advanced Shipping Extension uses the UPS API to automatically detect commercial and residential addresses and automatically charges the correct shipping based on that classification
  • Tax/Shipping- If you tax multiple states but only some require tax on shipping, this enables you to achieve that. It also allows states which have different tax rates on items vs shipping to accurately calculate.
  • Site Search- Added multilingual support to Solr and Sphinx search engines.
  • Google Analytics Tracking- Storage of Google Analytics variables at user account level in case user deletes cookies/change browser, site usage will still be trackable.


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