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Many growing ecommerce companies soon find that dealing with customer service issues can become a managerial and logistical challenge. Phones ringing off the hook, emails coming in constantly and in person queries can easily become too much for one support person to handle. Ecommerce companies need website-integrated customer service tools that allow them to easily deliver messages and requests to the correct individuals, with administrative transparency to ensure that tasks are addressed and taken care of in a timely manner.


Manage customer service issues easily with the fully integrated Upshot Commerce Help Desk Extension. Unlike other third party custom service solutions, Help Desk is fully integrated into the Upshot Commerce platform. Help tickets, orders, customer information and product data are all connected and stored in one convenient location. This makes it easy to review past issues, as well as reference related orders or products in one simple and trackable workflow.

Using this tool, administrators can create different customer service categories that correspond to various departments within their organization. Then, individuals within the organization can be assigned to these categories to answer tickets within their designated category.

When a customer submits a ticket to a particular department (example: Marketing Queries) the operators within that department will all receive email notifications alerting them to the issue. Whoever decides to address the ticket then logs into the system and "claims" the ticket, then responds to the submitter. All remaining correspondence will then automatically be routed to this particular help desk agent. This allows customer service representatives to clearly see at all times who is responsible to for particular tickets, as well as what tickets may still need to be addressed. This results in increased efficiency and responsiveness.

If a ticket cannot be fully resolved by the help desk agent that initially answers it, the ticket can also be reassigned to another agent. This allows for issues to be easily escalated to managers or other departments, if necessary.


  • Simple customer service workflow, fully integrated with your shopping cart
  • Tracking of historical tickets by order, customer and help desk agent
  • Ability to easily answer customer service issues across multiple departments
  • Administrative transparency with trackable steps towards problem resolution
  • Increased efficiency and responsiveness
  • Optional reassignment and escalation of tickets

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