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Reports & Analytics

You have orders, customers and sales. It's time to start crunching some data and analyzing what works. Discovering trends and optimizing sales channels requires analytics and reports. Upshot Commerce offers dozens of ways to slice, dice and view your store's performance. Numerous reports allow you pivot, adapt and get ahead of the competition.

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Google Analytics Integration with ECommerce TrackingReports and Analytics for Ecommerce

  • Easy Google Analytics Integration with E-Commerce Tracking - Just Enter Account#
  • Google Analytics API integrations
  • Easy pixel tracking and tagging to implement with any 3rd party reporting software

Order Reports

  • Total sales by SKU
  • Total orders by month
  • Total orders per day
  • Top orders
  • Order demographics
  • At a glance order report

Merchandising ReportsReports and Analytics for Ecommerce

  • Total item views per month
  • Total item views per day
  • Top products
  • Total category views per month
  • Total category views per day
  • Top categories
  • Total coupon uses per month
  • Total coupon uses per day
  • Top coupons
  • At a glance merchandising report

Visitor ReportsReports and Analytics for Ecommerce

  • Top customers
  • Top referrers per month
  • Top referrers per day
  • Top referrers
  • Top browsers
  • Top OS
  • Top browser OS
  • Time on site
  • At a glance visitor report

Black Sheep Reports

  • Abandoned carts per month
  • Abandoned carts per day
  • Top exit pages per month
  • Top exit pagers per day
  • High stock cost-low order rate
  • Low profit products-low order rate

Financial ReportsReports and Analytics for Ecommerce

  • Profit Report
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Tax Report
  • Reward Points Reports
  • Coupon Usage Reports
  • Gift Certificate Usage Reports

Professional Services

Your business is unique and so are your reporting requirements. Whether you're in the apparel industry and need your ecommerce site to integrate with ABS, live and breathe by Sage ERP MAS financial reports, or Crystal Report integration more than water, we can make it happen. The Upshot Commerce platform is fully customizable and can adapt to accommodate your reporting goals.

The Upshot Commerce team of strategists and engineers have over eighteen years of experience envisioning and creating complex technology solutions. We're adept at untangling and integrating with complicated network architectures to enable agile ecommerce reporting. No matter what your reporting and analytics goals, chances are we can help you reach them.

The Upshot Commerce Platform is fully customizable.
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