Upshot Commerce Review by Nuglow Skin Care

Upshot Commerce Review

For a number of years I ran the ecommerce portion of my business using freelance developers to build and maintain my site. And for the most part it worked until my independent contractor let me know that he'd been offered a full time job and I'd need to replace him. I'd been through that exercise a couple of times over the years and I knew how hard it would be to find a reliable replacement. It was time to refresh my site so this time, instead of hiring a freelance team, I went looking for a SAAS solution. After looking at a number of companies I chose Upshot Commerce. Because they're in the business of providing ecommerce sites they already had all the features that I felt were important and unlike hiring a free lance developer I didn't have to worry that my projects are put on the back burner or ignored because another project takes precedence. Besides great service, a responsive team and a very simple UI what I like the most is not having to worry if my site is down or something isn't working. The Upshot Commerce platform seamlessly integrates with our 3PL , giving us an accurate an central system of record across all our channels.
- Steve Sheiner, Nuglow Skin Care, customer since 2012

Upshot Commerce Solutions Used:
  • DTC
  • OMS

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