Upshot Commerce Review by Hazelnut Kids

Upshot Commerce Review

Upshot provides me with a super easy platform for selling online. I'm able to:
  • add, edit, and delete products at will
  • create coupons in seconds
  • integrate with Mailchimp to collect new subscribers seamlessly
  • run a Loyalty Rewards program
  • integrate with Bongo International for global reach
  • run various reports to help me strategize and analyze my business
I am a one man show here at Hazelnut Kids and Upshot allows me to have a larger presence online and keeps everything integrated with minimal effort from me. And if I ever need assistance with any aspect of Hazelnut Kids's website, I only have one person to call!
- Tracy Coe, Hazelnut Kids, customer since 2008

Upshot Commerce Solutions Used:
  • DTC
  • OMS

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