Upshot Commerce Review by All Electronics

Upshot Commerce Review

Many years ago I was looking for a flexible data base driven web solution. Upshot had the solution I was looking for. Database driven so that changes could be made daily without going to individual items. We have over 4000 items on our site and to change quantities or descriptions individually would be a big problem. We can create a database from our system in minutes, upload a new database and changes take place automatically. When setting up the web site, Upshot was able to make modification to address my needs. We wanted certain items to display quantities and other items to not display items. We also wanted flags for limited quantity items and new items. All these changes were made with little or no difficulty. If you want a simple, database driven solution Upshot is for you.
- Woolf Kanter, AllElectronics

Upshot Commerce Solutions Used:
  • DTC
  • OMS

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