Upshot Commerce Review by HippieShop

Upshot Commerce Review

We started thinking about selling online in 1995. I developed a purchase form in HTML in 1996 and orders were starting to come in through email. I had the vision that ecommerce would be the way to business the future. I set out to find a streamline way to build a store online. After months of testing different platforms, I decided Make-A-Store [now Upshot Commerce] would be the best solution because of the features included and module design. It helped us get started quickly and enabled us grow our business.

We wanted a solution that could handle unlimited items and had automated integration with shipping software and Upshot offered that. The best part of working with Upshot has been the customer support. There is nothing better than having our Upshot contact there for us when we need him. He has truly been a pleasure to work with over the last 18 years.

You can shop around but when it comes to a true customizable solution that gives your brand unique possibilities there is no comparison. The value you receive from all the included features and additional modules will save you a ton of money in the long run.
- Anthony Antonelli, Co-Founder and President of HippieShop

Upshot Commerce Solutions Used:
  • DTC
  • OMS

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