Auto-merchandising / Recommendations Engine Extension

Increase Sales through Greater Insight

Enhance your Upshot Commerce online store with analytic tools that can increase your sales by offering product recommendations and product merchandising through the use of predictive analytics and data mining from your customers' on-site actions.

Predictive analytics in ecommerce uses a number of techniques, including statistic, game theory, data mining, and pattern expositions, that analyze current and past facts to predict future events.

The Upshot Commerce Platform uses predictive analytics on the shopping behavior of your customers and their shopping cart choices. By collecting and analyzing this data, Upshot Commerce can increase your online sales by automatically recommending relevant persuasive items to individual customers based on their actions and behaviors


  • Increased sales through relevant product recommendations
  • Increased sales through predictive product showcases
  • Increased sales through automatic merchandising (product sort ordering)
  • Gain new customer insight

What Do You Need?

  • Upshot Commerce Core Platform
  • Upshot Commerce Auto-merchandising / Recommendations Engine Extension

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