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The Challenge

Returned mail and packages means wasted time and money as well as unsatisfied customers. Addresses may be entered incorrectly by customers when placing an order, with no fail safe mechanism alerting them or the retailer of their error. Post office regulations can be remarkably strict with regards to the correct format and abbreviations of addresses, causing packages to go undelivered due to incompatible address conventions.

Regardless of the cause behind a package being returned, it falls to e-commerce retailer to solve the problem, and pay the expense of a returned package. For any retailer doing high volume orders or mailings, this can be a highly expensive and time consuming proposition. This is why it is essential that businesses validate mailing addresses before sending mail.


StrikeIron is a real-time address validation service provider, designed to reduce your undeliverable mail and wasted postage expenses by 90% or more. This cloud based solution is easily integrated into your Upshot Commerce platform to seamless work with your shopping cart to validate addresses---before the order is complete!

StrikeIron's North American Address Validation Solution supports all addresses in the United States and Canada, giving you peace of mind that any package delivered on the continent will find its correct destination.


  • Unparalleled address accuracy
  • Improve customer contactability by 90% or more
  • Increased cost savings from reduction in returned mail
  • Cloud-based solution means no software to install
  • Flexible design makes it easy to integrate into any Upshot Commerce shopping cart

The Integration Process

  • Discovery - Every system is different and every business has unique needs. We diagnose and determine the unique requirements of your website to create a solution custom tailored to your needs.
  • Integration - Project Managers work to connect established data points between your website and StrikeIron
  • Testing - A series of diagnostics are run to make sure that the connection is established and everything is in working order
  • Quality assurance - Adaptations and adjustments are made to the system as needed
  • Knowledge transfer - We stay a part of your team after launch, providing you with optional consultations or service as needed for your online business

What Do You Need?

  • Upshot Commerce Core Platform
  • Upshot Commerce StrikeIron Extension

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