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Recent studies indicate that a high number of online shopping carts are abandoned before a sale is completed. Increasingly savvy online shoppers are using shopping carts to comparison shop and find the best deal on the internet, while ecommerce store owners are left wondering how to convert these window shoppers into buyers.

For many customers, shopping cart abandonment is simply a step on the way to a purchase, a method for deliberating over a purchase before making the final buy. However, it falls to the ecommerce store owner to figure out how to remove any barriers to completing sales, increasing conversion and creating happy repeat customers.


The Upshot Commerce Cart Manager Extension allows ecommerce retailers to monitor the status of shopping carts on their websites and encourage conversion. From the Upshot Commerce back office, the retailer is able to view all open shopping carts on their website, and take action if necessary, to complete a sale.

The extension allows the ecommerce owner to view all details of the shopping cart, including customer information, IP address, when the order was last active, and what items are currently in the shopping cart. The retailer can then choose to take action if desired, by sending a reminder email to the customer using the Abandoned Cart Reminder Extension, or offering price breaks on items to encourage sale completion. Customer Service agents can also use the extension to assist customers with technical issues by adding or taking items out of carts as necessary.


  • Opportunity to encourage conversions within the shopping cart
  • Ability to monitor carts that are abandoned, active and held by registered users
  • Ability to apply price overrides to encourage sales
  • Cart link allows you to view items in a user's cart from their customer profile
  • Cart control allows you to make adjustments to a customer's cart

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What Do You Need?

  • Upshot Commerce Core Platform
  • Cart Manager Extension

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