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SEO & Marketing

Gone are the days when business owners could just build a site, make it live and expect customers show up. Your competition is fierce and they're getting more sophisticated and aggressive each day. It's time to up your game to stay ahead and keep the copycats in their place.

The Upshot platform was built and evolves with SEO and marketing needs in mind. From generating SEO feeds, to the numerous tools designed to help spread the word about your awesome site, we keep your SEO and marketing needs top of mind.

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  • Extensions
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  • Professional Services

SEO-Friendly Features

  • SEO-friendly product URLs
  • SEO-friendly brand URLs
  • SEO-friendly category URLs
  • SEO-friendly page links
  • URL re-write option for products, categories and pages
  • W3C valid templates
  • Dynamic title tags
  • Dynamic meta data
  • Dynamically generated link titles and alt tags
  • Dynamic Google Sitemap XML creator
  • Ability to generate random content (helpful for SEO)
  • SEO features evolved to stay current with best practices

Loyalty Points

  • Allow and specify points earned for registration
  • Allow and specify points earned for writing reviews
  • Allow and specify points for referrals
  • Allow and specify points earned for first order and subsequent orders
  • Specify point expiration
  • Set maximum points that can be applied to an order
  • Set percentage of points that can be applied to an order
  • Specify the points earned per dollar spent
  • Specify the pointed needed to earn to discount one dollar
  • Allow points to be awarded when order is paid, after order ships or specify days after order ships
  • Disallow Points Only orders
  • For points only site, specify points currency rate
  • Opt to show points savings in thumbnails

Coupon, Discount & Gift Certificate Managerhttp://milanie.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Feature-Coupon.png

  • Specify valid date range or allow for no expiration date
  • Set the total times a coupon can be used
  • Set the total number of time a single customer can use a coupon
  • Enforce "New Customer Only" coupons
  • Specify whether or not coupons can be used with gift certificates
  • Specify whether or not coupons can be used with other discounts
  • Specify a minimum and/or maximum discount allowed
  • Manually enter a code or have our system generate a unique discount code
  • Determine whether to show discount at Review & Complete Order Page and not on Cart Preview Page
  • Select from a variety of options for coupon: Free Shipping on Brand, Free Shipping on Category, Free Shipping on Item, Add Free Item to Cart, Reduce Price, Reduce Price for Category, Reduce Price for Item, Reduce Shipping Price, Reduce Tax
  • Select action for when coupon can be applied: Brand in Cart, Registered Customer, Specific Date/Time, Item from a Category in Cart, Item in Cart, Order Subtotal Threshold, Order Type, Payment Method or Shipping Method
  • Batch update coupon rules
  • Batch update coupons
  • Reuse coupon rules
  • Enable coupon codes via email click-through to web site
  • View coupon use reports by month or day

Product Reviews

  • Allow customers to write reviews as registered or unregistered users
  • Specify whether reviews are automatically approved or require review
  • Dis/enable product reviews on a global or per product basis
  • Allow customers to write product reviews and assign a point or star rating
  • Edit or delete reviews from back office
  • Allow customer to earn points for approved product reviews
  • Define triggers to send customer reminders to write product reviews
Rewards Program Extension More Info »
The Rewards Program Extension enables you to create and track incentive marketing programs. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce e-commerce solution. The administrator defines what actions and items receive the rewards, as well as the value of each reward point. Learn more...
Daily Deal Extension More Info »
The Deal of The Day Promotion System app enables you to create special promotions for your online store catalog. You are able to create and manage price overrides that automatically reflect as the new store price and keep the current pricing strategy. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce e-commerce solution. Learn more...
E-Mail Marketing Extension More Info »
The Email Marketing System app enables you to create targeted email campaigns for your customers and registered subscribers. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce e-commerce solution. The administrator creates the email content and targets who should receive the email in your Upshot Commerce administration back-office. Learn more...
Price Comparison Engine Feed Extension More Info »
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Product RSS Feed Extension More Info »
The RSS Feed Extension automatically generates RSS feeds of your online store catalog as well as specific categories and settings you define. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce e-commerce solution. The administrator has an easy to use control panel that allows you to manage your RSS feeds. Customers simply use their browser or favorite feed manager to keep up with your RSS updates. Learn more...
Testimonial Submission/Display Extension More Info »
The Testimonial Extension enables you to manage an integrated CRM communication system for your online store. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce e-commerce solution. Customers and site visitors submit testimonials using the tools we provide and your administrators approve or disapprove the submitted testimonials. Learn more...
Affiliate Management Extension More Info »
The Affiliate Extension enables you to create and track affiliate marketing programs. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce e-commerce solution. The administrator creates the banners and defines the commission structures for the affiliates. The affiliates sign up, and once approved, gains access to their control panel to develop their strategy for your program. Learn more...
SEO Web Site Management Extension More Info »
The SEO Website Extension enables you administrators to effectively manage your SEO strategies directly or automatically. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce e-commerce solution. The administrator has a series of powerful panels to manage meta data and URLs in the Upshot Commerce back-office. Learn more...
Wish List and Gift Registries Extension More Info »
Wish List and Gift Registries Extension enables your customers to create self managed wish lists and gift registries to share with their friends, family, and colleagues. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce E-commerce solution. The site visitor creates an account and simply adds items to their wish list or gift registry. Once the wish list or gift registry is created, the site visitor is able to share their creation... Learn more...
Abandoned Cart Email Reminder Extension More Info »
Can create an unlimited number of custom reminders to recapture potentially lost sales... Learn more...
Review Reminder Extension More Info »
Gently remind customers to write product reviews with the Review Reminder Extension... Learn more...
Solr Search Integration More Info »
Get better results in half the time with Solr. Solr is a powerful and highly adaptable search tool, designed to produce more accurate search results and increase sales for your online store. Created by the makers of Apache, Solr brings the power of the Lucene Search Library right to your fingertips. Learn more...
HubSpot Integration Extension More Info »
HubSpot allows you to manage all of your online marketing initiatives in one powerful, integrated system. Now you can automatically send your Upshot customers and store visitors to HubSpot. Learn more...
Social Bundle More Info »
The Social Bundle includes four extensions: Social Log In, Social Pricing, Share-a-Sale and Social Comments. Normally, these four extensions purchased separately would add up to a cost of over $500 in set up fees and $200 in monthly fees. With the Social Bundle, you get all the integrated advantages of the extensions working together, at a discounted price. What could be better? Learn more...
Integration Partners
Amazon Real-time Sales Extension More Info »
With the power of Amazon Real-Time Sales Extension, you can now sell your products online at Amazon.com! With this app, amazon.com will take care of all your billing. You simply...Learn More
Amazon Sales Management Integration More Info »
With the power of Amazon Store Extension, you can now sell your products online at Amazon.com! With this app, amazon.com will take care of all your billing. You simply submit your products to the amazon.com catalog (via simple point and click actions) and orders are automatically downloaded into your Upshot Commerce shopping cart administrative interface for fulfillment. Learn more
Buy.Com Extension More Info »
One platform to support your online store and Buy.com. Take your shopping cart software and online business to the next level with this Upshot Commerce extension. Learn more
eBay Sales Channel Extension More Info »
This eBay Management Service does it all! You simply schedule your auctions using our user friendly scheduler and are done! The software will automatically list/re-list your auctions, monitor your auctions, notify the high bidders automatically, and even post positive feedback to those who pay in a timely fashion. The best part about it is that the checkout process happens right through your Upshot Commerce shopping cart. Learn more
MailChimp Extension More Info »
Upshot Commerce MailChimp Extension is an easy way to take the hassle out of email marketing. Using MailChimp, ecommerce owners can create and send stylish, informative emails - without a graphic design degree or even looking at a single line of code. MailChimp offers hundreds of customizable templates that can be easily adapted by beginners to seasoned pros. Learn more
Overstock.Com Extension More Info »
One platform to support your online store and Overstock.com. Take your shopping cart software and online business to the next level with this Upshot Commerce extension. Learn more
Sears.Com Integration More Info »
One platform to support your online store and Sears.com...Learn More

Professional Services

We realize no two businesses are alike. Unlike so many other ecommerce solutions, we do not require organizations to adapt how they do business to use the Upshot Commerce Platform or Extensions. Quite the opposite. While the Upshot Commerce platform and collection of SEO and marketing extensions are ready to take on the world upon installation, our nimble, flexible platform is easily adaptable to solve your business needs.

The Upshot Commerce team of ecommerce strategists and engineers has been envisioning and creating custom ecommerce solutions for over eighteen years. Whether you require software written from the ground up, integration with third-party companies or our extensions modified to fit your unique environment, we can help.

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4 Ways to Expand Your Mobile Strategy

Apr 19, 2016 by Erica

The debate about whether you need to design a mobile experience for consumers has been settled. With Google’s algorithmic changes last year that favor mobile-ready sites and the fact that the majority of adults use smartphones, if you have not yet optimized your site’s mobile user experience, do so now. As you build and improve your mobile user experience, remember that mobile isn’t a new or separate avenue of ecommerce; it’s an integral part of the consumer journey that provides new opportunities to personalize a shopper’s experience. It allows you to strengthen the relationship between them and your brand. As you plan your mobile engagement strategy, consider utilizing the following four tactics:

  • Social engagement rewards
  • Make email contact mobile-friendly
  • Utilize mobile-ready interactive ads
  • Craft your strategy for how customers use mobile today, but consider how to respond to future technology

Encourage Social Sharing

Consumers are already engaging heavily with social media via mobile. With devices constantly in hand, sending incessant notifications to interact, the average adult spends significant screen time on their phone. Capitalize on this this level of interaction by adopting strategies to capture consumer attention while they are on their mobile devices.

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Effective Search Functionality and Design

Apr 11, 2016 by Erica

Data indicates that customers who arrive on your site ready to search for something are more likely to convert than those who come just to browse. On-site searching plays a role in as much as 40% of online purchases, so it’s essential that your site offers fast, useful search tools to help customers find what they are looking for. Pay equal attention to search design – such as placement, colors, and calls-to-action, as to functionality – such as facets, filtering, and spelling suggestions.

A cardinal rule of ecommerce design is to make navigation as intuitive and seamless as possible. Search is no different – your search bar should be easy to locate as soon as a customer lands on your homepage.

Achieving this may involve:

  • prominent placement in the top center of your header
  • highlighting the search bar in a contrasting color
  • using an unconventional, but intuitive, call to action
  • buttons that match your contextual design

REI search

How you present re... Read more

9 Tips for Stellar User-Generated Content

Jan 25, 2016 by Erica

Most consumers today turn to the internet to research purchases, regardless of what they’re shopping for. While detailed product descriptions and catchy marketing copy are foundational to persuasive product pages, research indicates that most people trust content generated by other users over any content you might write. happy customer with shopping bagsAccording to Bazaarvoice, 51% of Millennial shoppers were more persuaded in purchase decisions by consumer opinions on company website than by recommendations from family or friends. Additionally, a recent Zendesk survey found that as much as 90% of online consumers are influenced by product reviews – both positive or negative. If you aren’t utilizing user-generated content yet to engage and persuade customers, you should start now.

If your site isn’t currently set up to showcase user-generated content, where do you start?

First and foremost, ask ... Read more

Replatforming – Total Overhaul or Gradual Update?

Jan 12, 2016 by Erica

To stay competitive in ecommerce, it’s important to periodically assess the effectiveness of your ecommerce platform. Are the tools available to you meeting the demands of your business? Has the design become outdated or ceased to be user-friendly? Have customers expressed frustration with the frontend shopping experience? Is it challenging or time consuming to make the smallest changes to the site – either to the frontend or in the back office? Has your business outgrown your existing platform, or beyond the expertise of those currently managing your site? If so, it may be time to update your ecommerce platform.Replatforming - Taking the leap

After assessing the capabilities of your current platform, you may conclude that while updates are needed a complete overhaul of your site is not feasible or appropriate in the short term. So what are you to do? Is it better to stick with your current site, hoping to make it last until you do have the necessary resources to replatform? Or look for a solution that wi... Read more

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