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Large and expanding governmental and manufacturing organizations are constantly faced with budget restrictions, requiring them to find ways to streamline their source-to-settle process. At all stages of the supply chain, organizations across a variety of industries need greater transparency and better methods for controlling costs.

SciQuest helps organizations to manage the complexity of strategic procurement to increase user adoption and contract compliance. However, when these organizations seek to leverage their SciQuest investment to take advantage of online ordering, the results often fall short. How can a business utilize the data and business rules contained in SciQuest for e-commerce?


The Upshot Commerce platform seamlessly integrates into your SciQuest system.

Whether you are a local government organization adjusting to a reduced budget or a growing manufacturer needing to control expenses, our integration of the Upshot Commerce platform delivers significant savings to your bottom line. Upshot Commerce is one of the most affordable e-commerce solutions on the market today, with full e-procurement integration capabilities.


  • Single solution for order management, fulfillment, and order tracking
  • Ensures compliance of contract pricing for your buyers
  • Promotes contract compliance while providing an optimal buying experience for end users.
  • Reduces invoice errors
  • Go Green! No paper requisitions or paper invoices needed!

The Integration Process

  • Discovery - Every system is different and every business has unique needs. We diagnose and determine the unique requirements of your website to create a solution custom tailored to your needs.
  • Integration - Project Managers work to connect established data points between your website and SciQuest
  • Testing - A series of diagnostics are run to make sure that the connection is established and everything is in working order
  • Quality assurance - Adaptations and adjustments are made to the system as needed
  • Knowledge transfer - We stay a part of your team after launch, providing you with optional consultations or service as needed for your online business

What Do You Need?

  • Upshot Commerce Core Platform
  • SciQuest e-Procurement Integration

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