Sales Team Management | Compensation Extension

Compensation and Customer Management for Your Sales Team

Extension Name Set-Up Fee Monthly Fee
Sales Team Management | Compensation Extension (includes 5 Users) None $50
Sales Team Management | Compensation System Seat None $10

The Sales Team Management | Compensation Extension enables you to provide variable compensation and performance tracking for your sales team from orders placed on your online store. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce e-commerce solution. The administrator is able to assign customers to specific sales agents and define rules of compensation for orders placed on the site.


  • Variable Agent Compensation Management - Custom rules based commissions and compensation management on orders and customer activity from your online store
  • Agent Assigned Customers - Agents can be assigned to specific users to earn commissions on that user's orders
  • Agent Dynamic Customer Assignment - Agents can be assigned new customers based on custom rules you create
  • Agent Order Placement - An agent can place an order for a specific customer, as well as place a pending order, or generate a quote
  • Agent Price Override - If permitted, an agent can override orderline price, order total price, by rules defined for that specific agent group
  • Agent Profile Page - Custom profile page for agent with Google Map locator functionality
  • Agent Search - Customer able to search for agents

Feature Highlights

  • Multi-Level Commission Structure
    Our sales extension allows you to create unique commission groups to assign your agents. Each commission group can have its own commission structure. This enables you to reward "high performers", "managers and executives", or even create "special term bonus" agents
  • Extensive Reports and Graphs
    You can run reports and graphs with the Sales Team Extension, from very broad metrics to detailed specifics, to monitor your sales team sales and customer orders
  • Multi-Level Agent Administration
    You can tailor your online sales activity to reflect your sales force structure. You can create multiple levels of managers and agents, which accurately reflect your sales team. Managers can control all Agents assigned in their system
  • Dynamic Agent Mapping
    Agents can be manually attached to a customer or dynamically with an agent selection list in your storefront registration pages


Our Sales Team Management | Compensation Extension is an information system used in automating online sales and allowing tracking of online sales activities by your sales force. This module is frequently combined with 3rd party systems, including dedicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

  • The sales agent establishes contact with a prospect
  • The prospect becomes a customer and makes a purchase
  • The sales agent is compensated for the purchase made by the customer

Our Sales Team Management | Compensation Extension includes contact management function, which allows your sales agent to contact and follow up with the customer.

What Do You Need?

  • Upshot Commerce Core Platform
  • Upshot Commerce Sales Team Management | Compensation System Extension

The Sales Team Management | Compensation System software is a complete architectural framework added to your shopping cart and your administrative back-office. Expand your business model with this sales management solution for your shopping cart software. This is a great addition to your Upshot Commerce solution.

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