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Choosing the Right E-Commerce Partner to Accelerate Growth

Iristocracy wanted a distinctive, aesthetically-focused online store with easier navigation and a back-end that would help streamline operations. However their chosen platform proved to be a mismatch in too many ways. They had to decide whether to continue investing...

Drive Sales with Faceted Search

How you can benefit from Solr Integration
For most ecommerce retailers out there, having a fast, intelligent search solution is incredibly important. Most studies report that at least half of site revenue may be generated from visitors using search functionality. That is why major websites and online retailers are moving away from traditional category trees and searches towards a solution that combines the refining capabilities of category browsing with the pin point specificity of search fields...

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The Complete Omnichannel Solution

January, 2015
The Upshot solution is a powerful suite of commerce solutions that allows organizations to streamline operations, focus on the customer experience, decrease organizational inefficiencies and increase top-line revenue.
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