Pro Star Distribution Fulfillment Extension

Create and manage a custom designed storefront AND sell items from your warehouse or Pro Star Fulfillment center locations

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The Pro Star Fulfillment Pacific Distribution Extension is software directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce shopping cart software package. This extension does not work with other shopping cart systems.

Are you looking for a shopping cart that can manage your Pro Star Distribution Fulfillment center inventory? The Upshot Commerce Core Platform is the cart of choice to create and manage a custom designed storefront AND sell items from your warehouse or Pro Star Fulfillment center locations. Just simply let us integrate your local inventory store items, if applicable, with your Pro Star fulfillment and distribution center inventory using our shopping cart software.

What do you need?

  • Upshot Commerce Core Platform
  • Upshot Commerce Pro Star Distribution Fulfillment Pacific Distribution Extension
  • Active Account with Pro Star Fulfillment. Visit Pro Star Fulfillment

Option 1. Flat File Management

*NOTE: We will need to examine your data files prior to committing to this 1-time fee. Upon completion of our examination of your data files, we will confirm if additional work is required to integrate your drop shipper's or fulfillment center's system.
Typical Pro Star Distribution Fulfillment Center Shopping Cart Workflow
  1. Your have provided your Pro Star Fulfillment center(s) with your inventory.
  2. You may want Pro Star Fulfillment to manage all of your inventory items or just selected items, regardless of your order management strategy, in the Upshot Commerce storefront you are free to carry any item you want to sell online.
  3. Our team, during your set-up, will create filters so only the orders you want Pro Star Fulfillment to process will be ready for export to their distribution center.
  4. After configuring and customizing your storefront, your customers simply shop, place orders and make payments to your Upshot Commerce powered ecommerce website, which is deposited directly to your merchant account.
  5. You batch download the orders and send them to your Pro Star Fulfillment account representative for order fulfillment.
  6. We provide your Pro Star Distribution Fulfillment center representative with their own control panel to login and update order status as well as provide tracking numbers, if they provide you with this service.

Option 2. API Automated Management

Pro Star Fulfillment allows their client's ecommerce or shopping cart software direct integration into their distribution management system. If your account type is enabled for this type of integration, we can automate your entire ecommerce distribution solution. You will be able to:

  • Automatically send new orders directly to the Pro Star Fulfillment for order fulfillment
  • Automatically receive order status and tracking information
  • Automatically reflect inventory status
  • Automatically support any function or feature from Pro Star Fulfillment
  • Plus full integrated support of all Upshot Commerce platform and extension features, and much more.

Note: Your Upshot Commerce shopping cart software package can be re-configured and expanded upon with customizations. We can meet the specific implementation for your business model demands.
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