Peachtree Extension

Seamless Peachtree Integration for Your Website and Online Store

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The Peachtree Extension software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce shopping cart software package. These extensions do not work with other shopping cart systems.

The Peachtree Extension enables you to seamlessly sync mission critical data from your online store directly to your Peachtree ERP and accounting system. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce e-commerce solution. Your Upshot Commerce team establishes the relevant points of integration and all data is sent from your Upshot Commerce online store to your Peachtree system for a complete consumer and store owner managed experience.


  • Increased revenue potential through built-in online marketing and SEO tools
  • Increased efficiency through a single shared data point
  • Increased productivity through streamlined workflow and online order management
  • Customizable to fit any business model
  • Remove operator duplicate data entry errors

Supported Features

  • Ability to send customer information from your online store to your Peachtree system
  • Ability to send order details from your shopping cart software to your Peachtree system
  • Ability to export payment methods from online orders to your Peachtree platform
  • Ability to receive order status from your Peachtree system directly into your Upshot Commerce platform
  • Ability to synchronize stock levels, pricing, and other catalog facets from your Peachtree platform
  • Catalog details, such as pricing and availability, are synced from your Peachtree system on a scheduled basis

How it works

  1. Contact eBridge and establish your account for your ERP, EDI or accounting package
  2. Our Project Managers will work to connect to their established data points
  3. We test to ensure everything is working and, you are ready to launch your system
  4. When orders are placed, we send the supported details to your Peachtree system
  5. Order status updates from Peachtree are sent to your shopping cart and online store on a scheduled basis
  6. We stay a part of your team after launch providing you with optional consultations or service you need for your online business

What Do You Need?

  • Upshot Commerce Core Platform
  • Upshot Commerce Peachtree Extension
  • eBridge Subscription and Account

The Peachtree Integrated software is a complete architectural framework added to your shopping cart and your administrative back-office. Expand your business model with this ERP and accounting integration management solution for your shopping cart software. This is a great addition to your Upshot Commerce solution.

Note: Your Upshot Commerce shopping cart software package can be re-configured and expanded upon with customizations. We can meet the specific implementation for your business model demands.

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