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Order Management

Customers expect orders shipped as soon as possible, if not yesterday. When they call, they want instant answers. Customer service agents who can read minds would be ideal. Lengthy hold times while agents search for answers is not acceptable. Your customer service team needs tools that allow them to find, manage and track orders easily and with little room for error. The Upshot platform has an abundance of Order Management tools created and evolved through real-world use.

  • Included Features
  • Extensions
  • Professional Services

Features - Administrative

  • Use our core order workflow statuses or add your own statuses
  • Place order as an administrator user or call center agent
  • Easily search for existing customers
  • Specify how the customer found your store
  • Add referral or keywords to order notes
  • Add special instructions for warehouse staff or distribution center
  • Add internal order notes for customer service or call center staff
  • Add product by search, browsing, direct enter SKU or eBay ID
  • Quickly browse brands, models/names and SKUs by index letter or number
  • Select sort option search results
  • Add coupon codes
  • Add Reward Point discounts (if applicable)
  • Save order if customer cannot complete and wishes to return
  • Allow for in-store pick up and one or multiple stores
  • Automatically send e-mail autoresponders and triggers

Features - Public

  • Allow customers to checkout as a guest or registered user
  • Enforce registered user-only checkout option
  • Add special instructions for warehouse staff if field is available
  • Add coupon codes
  • Add Reward Point discounts (if applicable)
  • Opt for in-store pickup on one or multiple stores

Order Browsing and SearchingProduct Management

  • Search for orders using numerous filters
  • By site (if you have multiple online retail stores)
  • Order status
  • Payment status
  • Customer name
  • Company name
  • Order date range
  • Keywords in order
  • Order tags
  • RMA or RMA ID
  • Dater range for shipment or order date
  • Payment type
  • Warehouse location
  • Shipping method
  • By SKU
  • Destination (domestic or international)
  • Package and Order views
  • Custom statuses and tagging system

Batch Order Processing

  • Batch process by all packages, selected packages, search results, tags
  • Batch update order status
  • Choose whether or not to send customer email update for batched processed orders
  • Batch download and print cover pages, invoices, packing slips and shipping labels
  • Export orders to Endicia's Dazzle
  • Export orders to Quickbookx
  • Batch download and print packing lists
  • Batch send e-mail invoice
  • Create custom batch operations
  • Batch export to Shopping Cart Assistant format
  • Pick lists and barcode integration
Coupons and Discount Extension More Info »
The Upshot Commerce Coupons & Discount Extension is hands down the most flexible and robust ecommerce coupon and discount options available. Business owners can create coupons, gift cards and discounts using a variety of metrics and rules... Learn more...
In-Store Pick-Up Extension More Info »
The In-Store Pick-Up Extension gives business owners the ability to let customers shop online and chose to have their orders shipped to or picked up at a brick & mortar store location. Merchants typically offer online customers free shipping for in-store pick up orders, thus encouraging... Learn more...
Sales Quote Extension More Info »
The Sales Quote Extension allows customers and administrators to generate quote requests from an online store. This is ideal for merchants who provide services or solutions to their customers... Learn more...
Speed Buy Extension More Info »
The Speed Buy Extension is a form that allows customers to quickly order multiple items. This extension is especially useful for repeat customers who order the same items again and again or for wholesale users who are comfortable ordering by SKU. Learn more...
Wholesale Extension More Info »
The Wholesale Extension for the Upshot Commerce platform allows business owners to create and manage a wholesale business, either as an addition to a retail store, or as a stand-along wholesale operation... Learn more...
Recurring Billing Extension More Info »
The Recurring Billing Extension allows retailers to sell products and services that automatically renew and invoice at set intervals... Learn more...
Multi-Storefront Extension More Info »
The Multi-Storefront Extension allows you to create and manage multiple new online business models that share the same Upshot Commerce E-commerce administrative back-office environment. This means you are able to run multiple storefronts and shopping carts that share a single data source... Learn more...
Order Document Attachments Extension More Info »
The Order Document Attachments Extension enables your administrator operators to attach documents and other files to specific orders in the Upshot Commerce Order Manager. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce E-commerce solution. The administrator has an easy to use control panel that allows for multiple file selections... Learn more...
Ariba PunchOut Catalog Integration More Info »
In order to ensure that your orders can easily progress from source to settle, you need an online store and shopping cart that can handle the constant data flow of PunchOut in real time, allowing you to complete deals quickly and efficiently.... Learn more...
Solr Search Integration More Info »
Get better results in half the time with Solr. Solr is a powerful and highly adaptable search tool, designed to produce more accurate search results and increase sales for your online store. Created by the makers of Apache, Solr brings the power of the Lucene Search Library right to your fingertips. Learn more...

Professional Services

As someone charged with overseeing order processing in an evolving ecommerce business, you're constantly looking for tools and processes to help increase efficiency and decrease costs. Over the years many organizations manage orders with a combination of custom-programmed solutions, off-the-shelf software and practices unique to the organization's structure, history and product offering.

Given the myriad of ways businesses manage orders, Upshot Commerce has ensured that our ready-to-use platform and extensions can be used on-demand and as is, or easily adapted for your unique ecommerce order management needs.

Customizable Order Management Extensions for Ecommerce

The Upshot Commerce Platform is fully customizable.
Contact us about your professional services
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