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For many ecommerce retailers, getting customers to visit their online store is half the marketing battle. However, no amount of advertising or sponsored clicks will convert those visitors to happy customers, if they cannot easily locate and filter what they want from your online catalog of products. This is why using an intelligent and robust on-site search system is so important.

Homegrown or generic search tools often lack the flexibility, accuracy and positive user experience that today's online shoppers demand. Ecommerce retailers must provide a solution that will improve the user experience, increase conversion rates, and offer tools that constantly refine searches to target changing trends and search habits of their clientele.


Nextopia is a flexible and powerful search system, designed to yield better results and increase sales conversions within your online store. When integrated with the Upshot Commerce e-commerce platform, Nextopia search system becomes an unparalleled asset to creating a tailored shopping experience for your site visitors and customers.

Search capabilities are improved for the customer by providing highly nuanced administrated functionality to the retailers. Advanced filtering and sorting of catalog results, Merchandise Suggestions, Auto-complete typing and fuzzy matching parameters are just a few of the dynamic tools retailers control to help customers avoid common errors and guide searches more effectively.

Reports and Analytics are available as well, providing retailers with data about most popular searched words and the keywords with the highest conversion rate. This allows ecommerce stores to evaluate their marketing and search strategies to determine what is working and what is not and adjust accordingly.


  • Fast accurate search results
  • Customizable fuzzy matching to handle common spelling errors
  • Ability to accurately search multiple fields in the database with assigned priority to the most relevant fields
  • Auto-complete and Spell Checking to guide customer searches more effectively
  • Merchandising options to control product ranking within search results and displaying promotional banners
  • Reports and Analytics for popular search terms, highest converting keywords and more Related Extensions

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Note: Your Upshot Commerce shopping cart software package can be re-configured and expanded upon with customizations. We can meet the specific implementation for your business model demands.
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