Multi-Storefront Extension

Manage Multiple Shopping Carts from Central System

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The Multi-Storefront Extension allows you to create and manage multiple new online business models that share the same Upshot Commerce E-commerce administrative back-office environment. This means you are able to run multiple storefronts and shopping carts that share a single data source. The administrator has complete control over what content is shared and how the content is shared between each storefront and website.


  • Multiple storefronts which focus on selected items in your inventory
  • Multiple Stores that sell products with variable price controls
  • Unique managed online stores for brick and mortar chains
  • Multiple languages to target specific audiences
  • Upshot Commerce Extensions purchased works across all storefronts

Feature Highlights

  • Cart sharing controls allows customers shopping at one site to keep items in cart when on another site
  • Central data and administrative controls
  • Domain name controls to appear as unique business entity
  • Design and layout can be unique or shared
  • Categories and catalog can be shared or unique to each storefront

What Do You Need?

  • Upshot Commerce Core Platform
  • Multi-Storefront Extension

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