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Merchandising Manager

With hundreds (if not thousands!) of products to offer, it's become increasingly difficult to guide the shopping experience and to present the right products to your customers at the right time. With your competition watching your every move, it's become even more important to be able to merchandise your store quickly and inexpensively. The Upshot platform has numerous features that allow your non-technical staff to merchandise your products with flexibility and ease.

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Image ManagementProduct Management

  • Easily mange images through admin interface
  • Display multiple images per item
  • Automatically overlay a "New", "Free Shipping" or "Low Stock Alert" badge on images for new products
  • Upload one image and the Upshot Platform creates the numerous permutations to appear throughout your site
  • Batch update product images
  • Images delivered from CDN to ensure fast delivery
  • Bulk images from computer, web site or FTP
  • Auto-creation of alt value for images
  • Automatic addition of watermark on image
  • Advanced caching system will automatically resize and distribute images
  • Easily add videos to display on product pages
  • Add and manage product related documents, such as instruction manuals

Product Bundling & Attributes

  • Specify unlimited product attributes
  • Create unlimited parent-child product relationships
  • Create product bundles and kits

Product Reviews

  • Allow customers to write reviews as registered or unregistered users
  • Specify whether reviews are automatically approved or require review
  • Dis/enable product reviews on a global or per product basis
  • Allow customers to write product reviews and assign a point or star rating
  • Edit or delete reviews from back office
  • Allow customer to earn points for approved product reviews
  • Define triggers to send customer reminders to write product reviews

Other Features

  • Display unique templates per category or per product
  • Display code blocks or styles based on manufacturer, brand or other stored variables
  • Manipulate product search results displays or category product listings to show bestsellers and/or only-in stock products
  • Unlimited flexfields per product and category
  • Enable built-in product voting to enhance customer engagement and community building
Extension Name
Gift Wrap Extension More Info »
The Gift Wrap Extension provides you with the ability to offer and manage a gift wrapping service as an additional option for your customers to add to their online orders. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce e-commerce solution. The administrator has an easy-to-use control panel that allows you to... Learn more...
Basic Banner Extension More Info »
Adding banners to your Upshot Commerce commerce site is easy with the Basic Banner Extension. This extension allows store administrators upload simple banners on their on the retail web site. Managed in your Upshot Commerce back office, the banner's font, color and background color can... Learn More
Inline Tip Pop-Up Extension More Info »
The Inline Tip Pop-up System Extension enables you to provide a managed series of hypertext pop-up tips to your site visitors. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce e-commerce solution. Customers and site visitors rollover or click on the hypertext (linked word) which triggers... Learn more...
Multi-Storefront Extension More Info »
The Multi-Storefront Extension allows you to create and manage multiple new online business models that share the same Upshot Commerce E-commerce administrative back-office environment. This means you are able to run multiple storefronts and shopping carts that share a single data source... Learn more...
Mobile Commerce More Info »
Upshot Commerce's Mobile eCommerce Plus gives you all the tools you need to move your website into the popular mobile ecommerce marketplace and take full advantage of this burgeoning opportunity. Learn more...
Nextopia Search Integration More Info »
When integrated with the Upshot Commerce e-commerce platform, Nextopia search system becomes an unparalleled asset to creating a tailored shopping experience for your site visitors and customers. Learn more...
Solr Search Integration More Info »
Get better results in half the time with Solr. Solr is a powerful and highly adaptable search tool, designed to produce more accurate search results and increase sales for your online store. Created by the makers of Apache, Solr brings the power of the Lucene Search Library right to your fingertips. Learn more...
HubSpot Integration Extension More Info »
HubSpot allows you to manage all of your online marketing initiatives in one powerful, integrated system. Now you can automatically send your Upshot customers and store visitors to HubSpot. Learn more...
Look Book Extension More Info »
The Upshot Commerce Look Book allows retailers to pull together multiple items in their online store into outfits, imitating the physical experience of accessorizing a clothing store mannequin or display. From the back office, the retailer simply groups product SKUs together into outfits, and then on the online store front, the magic happens. Learn more...
Google Map Store Locator Extension More Info »
Help your customers easily locate your retail store(s) with the Google Maps Store Locator Extension. This widget-style extension integrates seamlessly with your Upshot Commerce platform and is easily customized to match the look of your store. Using the retail store address(es) listed... Learn more...
Rewards Program Extension More Info »
The Rewards Program Extension enables you to create and track incentive marketing programs. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce e-commerce solution. The administrator defines what actions and items receive the rewards, as well as the value of each reward point... Learn more...
Auto Merchandising Extension More Info »
Enhance your Upshot Commerce online store with analytic tools that can increase your sales by offering product recommendations and product merchandising through the use of predictive analytics and data mining from your customers' on-site actions... Learn more...
Movers and Shakers Extension More Info »
Generate customer interest and buzz by displaying the most popular products sold with an easy to style widget-style extension. This extension will give each item a unique sales rank and provide statistics about what products are trending... Learn more...
Product Review Reminder Extension More Info »
Increase customer engagement and boost SEO by encouraging customers to write product reviews with the Review Extension Reminder. This extension, which seamlessly integrates with your Upshot Platform solution... Learn more...
Flash Sale Extension More Info »
Generate customer excitement and drive targeted sales with the Flash Sale Extension. Create items that sell for a limited time only and include a countdown timer to increase customer excitement. Add together with our Members Only Extension for a VIP sales.This extension integrates seamlessly with your Upshot Commerce platform and can be... Learn more...
Advanced Search More Info »
Our powerful Sphinx Search System is designed to yield better results and increase sales conversions within your online store. We replace your default MySQL search with our Advanced Sphinx Search and custom tailor it to match your site's needs and search requirements. Learn more...

Professional Services

Effective ecommerce merchandising varies from business to business. What motivates customers looking at computers may not exert the same influence on new moms looking for baby toys. However you've formulated the secret merchandising sauce for your online store, moving to the Upshot Commerce platform doesn't mean abandoning practices or custom software that may have taken years and significant monetary investment.

Whether you need the Upshot Commerce platform to integrate with your existing merchandising and marketing tools, software created from the ground up, or our platform extensions customized for your unique environment, our experienced ecommerce strategists and engineers can help. Our team will take the time to understand your merchandising and marketing needs and develop solutions that help get the right products and messaging in front of the right customers.

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