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Leads, Contacts, Prospects! Oh My!
World's Greatest E-commerce Platform + The Hottest Marketing Service = Everything You Need!

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HubSpot allows you to manage all of your online marketing initiatives in one powerful, integrated system. Now you can automatically send your Upshot customers and store visitors to HubSpot automatically.

The Upshot Commerce platform has a multitude of core marketing and merchandising features plus numerous additional extensions that unleashes the true potential of your online business. When you add our HubSpot Integration Extension to your Upshot storefront, you get to leverage the additional power of the hottest marketing service around!

We seamlessly integrate into HubSpot's Leads, Prospects and Contacts. Your Upshot store visitors and customers are automatically segmented and sent to HubSpot.

Level 1 - HubSpot Leads

Automatically receive leads into your HubSpot account for every new customer through your storefront.

Level 2 - HubSpot Leads & Prospects

Everything in Level 1 plus the ability to track all visitors to your online store and also convert prospects to converted leads.

COMING SOON! Level 3 - HubSpot Leads, Prospects & Contact Lists

Everything in Level 2 plus take advantage of the new HubSpot Lists functionality when released. We send all the contacts collected through your storefront to HubSpot. HubSpot lets you create, edit, and manage lists.


  • Extended marketing tools to increase sales
  • Centralized marketing database
  • Blogging and social media tools
  • Built-In SEO tools
  • Email marketing platform
  • Enhanced analytics tailored to your business model
  • Custom website integration based on your specific business needs
  • And much, much more!

What Do You Need?

  • HubSpot Account
  • HubSpot Integration Extension
  • Upshot Commerce Online Storefront

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Note: Your Upshot Commerce shopping cart software package can be re-configured and expanded upon with customizations. We can meet the specific implementation for your business model demands.
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