Gift Card / Gift Certificate Extension

Sell Physical and Electronic Gift Certificates for Your Online Store and Shopping Cart

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The Gift Certificate Extension enables you to create rules based gift certificates as well as denominational gift certificates to sell on your web store. This software is directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce e-commerce solution. The administrator has a powerful control panel that allows for the easy creation of gift certificates based on rules, actions and conditions defined by you, and predetermined and open denominations as well as minimum and maximum denomination caps.


  • Increased product offering
  • Increased sales from customer gift-giving
  • Increased customer value proposition
  • Targeted gift certificates to specific customers, customer groups, and site shoppers

Feature Highlights

  • Allowing selectable list of denominations for users to choose from
  • Issuing fixed denomination certificates
  • One-click adding of gift certificate to customer's balance via back office
  • Providing customer defined denomination certificates
  • Targeting specific brand(s)
  • Targeting specific customers and customer groups
  • Targeting specific categories
  • Expiration and timed devaluing of gift certificates to promote early use

Gift certificates are capable of supporting multiple rules, ensuring the most comprehensive and flexible gift certificate Extension online for the marketing success of your online business.

What Do You Need?

  • Upshot Commerce Core Platform
  • Gift Card / Gift Certificate Extension

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