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Your Upshot Commerce eBook Store can integrate directly with Google Books and your Google Books Publisher account. This integration is significant to two major audiences:

  • Authors and publishers have the ability to easily monitor their submitted titles and track sales at key distribution points
  • Merchants are able to tie to the Google Book eBook catalog and take advantage of the current and upcoming features offered from the Google team


  • Ability to offer over 1,400,000 free eBooks in ePub format
  • Integrated eBook chapter previews
  • Ability to search American and British fiction, American history, children's literature, professional and research documents, and much more
  • Compelling competitive advantage over bookstores who do not offer these free eBooks

Key Popular 3rd Party eBook Catalog Service Support

Easily provide eBooks from multiple suppliers in addition to your Google Books offerings. We follow your business logic when the same eBook is offered by multiple distributors, as well as enhance your customer's shopping experience with full content management support from leading eBook content providers. This shopping cart system builds upon the features and functionality of Upshot Commerce and adds optional customized support for your accounts with leading eBook publishers, distributors, and content providers including:

  • Lightning Source eBook catalog management for retailers
  • Mobipocket eBook catalog management for retailers
  • Dial-a-Book excerpt integration for eBooks
  • FictionDB meta data integration, including keywords, series info, and more

What Do You Need?

  • Upshot Commerce Core Platform
  • Turnkey eBook Merchant Service
  • Upshot Commerce eBook Merchant Catalog and Online Order Extension
  • Upshot Commerce Google Books eBook Extension
  • Active Google Books account | Visit Google Books

Manage and operate your own eBook store with full integrated support of fictiondb extended data.

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