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Increase eBook Sales with FictionDB Meta Data

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The Upshot Commerce eBook Store can integrate directly into your FictionDB Account. This integration enhances the on-site search capabilities your eBook store eBook catalog. FictionDB provides extended meta data, such as keywords, series info, etc. which increases the overall effective potential of your store.


  • Increased sales through comprehensive on-site search
  • Customers can easily find fiction books in a series
  • Access to complete author book lists (bibliographies)
  • Complete description of individual books
  • Customers can search over 250,000 titles using multiple criteria

Key Popular 3rd Party eBook Catalog Service Support

Easily provide advanced search capabilities for eBooks from multiple suppliers through our intelligent filtering system when using FictionDB. We follow your business logic when the same eBook is offered by multiple distributors, as well as enhance your customer's shopping experience with full content management support from leading eBook content providers. This shopping cart system builds upon the features and functionality of Upshot Commerce and adds optional customized support for your accounts with leading eBook publishers, distributors, and content providers including:

  • Lightning Source eBook catalog management for retailers
  • Mobipocket eBook catalog management for retailers
  • FictionDB meta data integration, including keywords, series info, and more
  • Google Books library integration

What Do You Need?

  • Upshot Commerce Core Platform
  • Turnkey eBook Merchant Service
  • Upshot Commerce eBook Merchant Catalog and Online Order Extension
  • Upshot Commerce FictionDB eBook Content Extension
  • Active Dial-A-Book account | Visit FictionDB

Manage and operate your own eBook store with full integrated support of FictionDB excerpts.

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