eBay Sales Channel Integration

Powersellers or New Sellers, This eBay Software is Made For You!

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The eBay Sales Channel Integration is software directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce shopping cart software package. This integration does not work with other shopping cart systems.

The eBay Sales Channel Extension does it all! You simply schedule your auctions using our user friendly scheduler and are done! The software will automatically list/re-list your auctions, monitor your auctions, notify the high bidders automatically, and even post positive feedback to those who pay in a timely fashion. The best part about it is that the checkout process happens right through your Upshot Commerce shopping cart. This means all your orders are in one familiar location, and you can even upsell the high bidders with non-auction items!


  • Combined Auction Checkout
  • If your customers have won multiple auctions they can check out for all of their auctions on your site with the click of a mouse!

More Ways To Check Out!

We currently support:

  • Direct order import into Upshot Commerce by customers that use the eBay "Pay Now " button with PayPal
  • Instant Checkout button in your eBay Auction/Store Listing
  • High Bidder/Winner E-mail notification with checkout link on your web site
  • Direct Checkout on your website with validation on auction# and e-mail address.

All Selling Types Supported!

  • eBay Auction
  • eBay Fixed Price
  • eBay Store Items
  • eBay AU
  • eBay US
  • eBay UK
  • eBay Motors!


  • Easily list any item from your inventory to be sold or auctioned on eBay!
  • Optionally include any eBay add-on services such as bold, highlight, featured, gallery, etc.
  • Support for Proxy, Dutch, eBay Store, Motors, Buy It Now, and Fixed Price auctions.
  • Provide item descriptions for each listing using our point and click template builder.
  • Automatically closes auctions and notifies the high bidder(s) to check out via your Upshot Commerce Shopping Cart. Detects direct PayPal payments and imports into Upshot Commerce Shopping Cart.
  • Automatically sends payment reminder emails to bidders of unpaid auctions at intervals you configure.
  • Bulk upload many listings at once or use our feature-rich eBay listing interface.
  • Built in security mechanisms! Check-out links are only good for the quantity of the auction won at the price won. Can not be used more than once.
  • Schedule how items are to be listed and auctioned on eBay!
  • Automatically submits your auctions to Google!
  • Features to automate your eBay business.
  • Integrated Online Management System for your eBay auctions and activities!
  • Ability to Sell and Auction your own products on your very own customized site!
  • Customer Tracking and Order Management features!
  • Business Logic Tools such as the eBay Watchdog and 2nd Chance Watchdog to assist with auction pricing and automatically extending 2nd chance offers.
  • Directly Integrated with Upshot Commerce Inventory Management and Shopping Cart.
  • Shipping Quotes that connects eBay to your Upshot Commerce Shopping Cart
  • Instant Checkout right from your auction description.
  • eBay Gallery of Auctions on your Upshot Commerce powered web site.
  • Advanced Shipping and Combined Shipping Options
  • And many more features to automate your eBay business.
Note: Your Upshot Commerce shopping cart software package can be re-configured and expanded upon with customizations. We can meet the specific implementation for your business model demands.
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