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Channel Sales and Comparison Shopping Site Integration

Leveraging channel sales partners and price comparison engines is a cost-effective way to expand your customer base and decrease marketing costs. Sites such as Amazon, eBay and Overstock have traffic that many small and medium-sized businesses can only dream of. Channel integration is a smart strategy to help make their traffic your own and increase sales. Upshot Commerce has a collection of tools that make this process pain-free for retailers.

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Integration Partners
Amazon Real-time Sales Extension More Info »
With the power of Amazon Real-Time Sales Extension, you can now sell your products online at Amazon.com! With this app, amazon.com will take care of all your billing. You simply...Learn More
Amazon Sales Management Integration More Info »
With the power of Amazon Store Extension, you can now sell your products online at Amazon.com! With this app, amazon.com will take care of all your billing. You simply submit your products to the amazon.com catalog (via simple point and click actions) and orders are automatically downloaded into your Upshot Commerce shopping cart administrative interface for fulfillment. Learn more
Buy.Com Extension More Info »
One platform to support your online store and Buy.com. Take your shopping cart software and online business to the next level with this Upshot Commerce extension. Learn more
eBay Sales Channel Extension More Info »
This eBay Management Service does it all! You simply schedule your auctions using our user friendly scheduler and are done! The software will automatically list/re-list your auctions, monitor your auctions, notify the high bidders automatically, and even post positive feedback to those who pay in a timely fashion. The best part about it is that the checkout process happens right through your Upshot Commerce shopping cart. Learn more
MailChimp Extension More Info »
Upshot Commerce MailChimp Extension is an easy way to take the hassle out of email marketing. Using MailChimp, ecommerce owners can create and send stylish, informative emails - without a graphic design degree or even looking at a single line of code. MailChimp offers hundreds of customizable templates that can be easily adapted by beginners to seasoned pros. Learn more
Overstock.Com Extension More Info »
One platform to support your online store and Overstock.com. Take your shopping cart software and online business to the next level with this Upshot Commerce extension. Learn more
Sears.Com Integration More Info »
One platform to support your online store and Sears.com...Learn More

Professional Services

Interested in channel sales and comparison shopping feeds but have special software integration needs or feed creation? Perhaps your product feed must pass through an accounting system, or your DSS has rules for which products can be included in feeds. Maybe the simple notion of channel sales is complicated by an ERP system lurking behind every ecommerce software decision you'd like to make.

No problem. The Upshot Commerce team of ecommerce strategists and engineers have over eighteen years of experience untangling complex networks and software environments to enable agile ecommerce channel sales and comparison shopping feed management. No matter what your channel sales and comparison shopping technology goals are, we can help.

The Upshot Commerce Platform is fully customizable.
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Integrating Warehouse & Shipping Management

Mar 31, 2015 by Erica

While it’s easy to see the benefits of an optimized and integrated ecommerce system for customer management, it’s equally – if less obviously – important to have that system integrate with the one managing your inventory and shipping operations. The best ecommerce systems allow you to track customer and merchandise information with one interface; integrate with supply chain and finance systems; quickly and consistently update product data for multiple channels or storefronts. Having an inventory system that syncs with all of these other mission-critical systems further optimizes your ecommerce system and makes your ecommerce company even more competitive.Like Clockwork

Optimize Service Delivery

Customers have found your site, been impressed by what youoffer, and made their purchase. Delivering exceptional service does not end with that transaction. With major brands offering ever-quicker delivery options, having an integrated inventory and warehouse system that continues to provide a superb and streamline... Read more

Upshot Commerce 2014 – Year In Review

Jan 8, 2015 by Vlad Zachary

2014 has been another landmark year for Upshot Commerce and the brands we work with. In addition to onboarding a host of new clients, we helped the majority of our clients achieve record breaking results. Here are some of these results:

Upshot commerce Year in review 2014

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Strategies for Increasing Your Average Order Value

Dec 15, 2014 by Vlad Zachary

Encouraging your customers to buy more items and spend more money each time they shop is a proven method to boost revenue and profitability. Brick-and-mortar retailers have perfected the practice over the years, based on the marketing concept of the ‘halo effect’. The halo effect is the bias shown by customers towards certain products because of a favorable experience with other products made by the same brand, or sold in the same store, where the favorite item was originally purchased. For years retailers have used the halo effect to measure, quantify and profit from brand equity.


Halo Effect In The Digital Commerce Ecosystem


E-commerce professionals are constantly looking for proven merchandising and other methods to take advantage of the halo effect online. The best measure of success for these efforts is Average Order Value (AOV). The simplest way to calculate AOV is:


Some of the ways AOV can help your marketing efforts include:

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    Christmas 1.0 – or the E-commerce Playbook for the Holidays

    Oct 20, 2014 by Vlad Zachary

    Part 3 of 4 – Website Optimization

    In our first two parts of the E-commerce Playbook for the Holidays we discussed how to use Data Analysis to create an effective Holiday Sales plan and how to focus your Marketing in order to achieve the best ROI. Today we will focus on Website optimization for superior holiday performance in 2014.


    Because of the large number of different changes that an e-commerce retailer can initiate – at this stage we will talk more about focus. You want to determine what those web-store tweaks and changes are that will have the biggest impact on your sales. The overall goal is to remove every single obstacle preventing a site-visitor from finding the perfect gift quickly and checking out.

    Make Search More Prominent

    “Search” is the sin... Read more

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