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Channel Sales and Comparison Shopping Site Integration

Leveraging channel sales partners and price comparison engines is a cost-effective way to expand your customer base and decrease marketing costs. Sites such as Amazon, eBay and Overstock have traffic that many small and medium-sized businesses can only dream of. Channel integration is a smart strategy to help make their traffic your own and increase sales. Upshot Commerce has a collection of tools that make this process pain-free for retailers.

Integration Partners
Amazon Real-time Sales Extension More Info »
With the power of Amazon Real-Time Sales Extension, you can now sell your products online at Amazon.com! With this app, amazon.com will take care of all your billing. You simply...Learn More
Amazon Sales Management Integration More Info »
With the power of Amazon Store Extension, you can now sell your products online at Amazon.com! With this app, amazon.com will take care of all your billing. You simply submit your products to the amazon.com catalog (via simple point and click actions) and orders are automatically downloaded into your Upshot Commerce shopping cart administrative interface for fulfillment. Learn more
Buy.Com Extension More Info »
One platform to support your online store and Buy.com. Take your shopping cart software and online business to the next level with this Upshot Commerce extension. Learn more
eBay Sales Channel Extension More Info »
This eBay Management Service does it all! You simply schedule your auctions using our user friendly scheduler and are done! The software will automatically list/re-list your auctions, monitor your auctions, notify the high bidders automatically, and even post positive feedback to those who pay in a timely fashion. The best part about it is that the checkout process happens right through your Upshot Commerce shopping cart. Learn more
MailChimp Extension More Info »
Upshot Commerce MailChimp Extension is an easy way to take the hassle out of email marketing. Using MailChimp, ecommerce owners can create and send stylish, informative emails - without a graphic design degree or even looking at a single line of code. MailChimp offers hundreds of customizable templates that can be easily adapted by beginners to seasoned pros. Learn more
Overstock.Com Extension More Info »
One platform to support your online store and Overstock.com. Take your shopping cart software and online business to the next level with this Upshot Commerce extension. Learn more
Sears.Com Integration More Info »
One platform to support your online store and Sears.com...Learn More

Professional Services

Interested in channel sales and comparison shopping feeds but have special software integration needs or feed creation? Perhaps your product feed must pass through an accounting system, or your DSS has rules for which products can be included in feeds. Maybe the simple notion of channel sales is complicated by an ERP system lurking behind every ecommerce software decision you'd like to make.

No problem. The Upshot Commerce team of ecommerce strategists and engineers have over eighteen years of experience untangling complex networks and software environments to enable agile ecommerce channel sales and comparison shopping feed management. No matter what your channel sales and comparison shopping technology goals are, we can help.

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Christmas 1.0 – or the E-commerce Playbook for the Holidays

Aug 21, 2014 by Vlad Zachary

Part 1 of 4 – Data Analysis

As soon as the Back-to-school shopping is over, retailers and e-commerce providers will turn their almost undivided attention to Christmas. Some retailers have already started preparing for the season. In the next few posts on this blog, we will offer advice on the best approach to maximize the Christmas sales.

There are four major areas for planning and preparation and today we will focus on the first one: Data Analysis


This stage is all about determining what items to promote this year and how much you will need. This first step is often the most crucial one and our post today will focus on how to approach it.

Best Sellers

So what kind of data will you need? The first and mos... Read more

Christmas 2.0

Aug 5, 2014 by Vlad Zachary

Back-to-school – the three words that will make middle school kids cry and the retailers sweat. That’s right – the second biggest shopping season of the year is right now and it is heating up. Every year more than $70 billion of merchandise is sold as part of back-to-school drive and around one third of it is online. This is a sizable amount of revenues.

The one major difference between Back-to-school and Christmas is that shoppers are way more price sensitive and not willing to open their wallets as much as during “the holidays”. According to a National Retail Foundation survey – more than 45% of shoppers indicated that coupons influenced where they planned to shop for back-to-school. Another survey by Thomson Reuters and Ipsos discovered that as much as 54% of all parents are influenced by sales and special offers and the second biggest influencer at 48% was teachers’ recommendations.

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Where Do We Spend Our Money Online

Jul 21, 2014 by Vlad Zachary

With $13.6 billion Clothing is the leading e-commerce category. The e-commerce business brokers at Digital Exits have put together this infographic with more interesting numbers and a breakdown that looks at in-store vs online. The anticipated increase in total online sales between 2011-2016 is 162%. What is more interesting is where customers spend their money. After clothing come books, music, furniture, electronics and food. For more on the future of how we shop – checkout our previous post.


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Why and When Should a Brand Go Direct-To-Consumer

Jul 14, 2014 by Vlad Zachary

Is your company at the crossroads, trying to determine if a full investment in Direct-to-consumer e-commerce is worth it?

Are you having doubts about the effectiveness of your current site?

Do you believe that your market is growing, while you are not?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above – this post is for you.

For many brands the main reason for investing in e-commerce comes down to “Because everybody is doing it and we need to be competitive”. There are endless examples of brands failing to maximize their online selling, due to non-technical reasons.

The main issue is balancing of the relationship with your resellers or channel partners. This can be a powerful motivator to set prices that “don’t compete” with your retailer network. Nobody wants to piss off their resellers.

UntitledRead more