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The increasing global nature of the product and resource supply chain is opening all new opportunities for ecommerce business owners to connect with suppliers on an online platform. Increasingly, many buyers and suppliers with complex and varied product are discovering the advantages of the Ariba Network, the world's largest trading partner community. This platform allows for suppliers and buys to connect and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the resource supply chain.

However, maintaining an online store that can integrate with the complexities of the Ariba PunchOut platform is a logistical challenge for many retailers. In order to ensure that your orders can easily progress from source to settle, you need an online store and shopping cart that can handle the constant data flow of PunchOut in real time, allowing you to complete deals quickly and efficiently.


Creating an online store tied to your PunchOut system does not have to be a challenge! Upshot Commerce makes it easy with a customizable platform designed to address your specific business requirements and the demanding needs of your buyers and suppliers with the addition of:

  • PunchOut cXML Product Catalogs
  • Upshot Order Management
  • Upshot RMA Management.
An Upshot PunchOut powered shopping cart catalog is specifically designed to connect to the Ariba PunchOut eProcurement system.

Ariba PunchOut is a great solution for the following types of suppliers:

  • Companies maintaining a large inventory of items
  • Customers with unique order processes and business logic
  • Companies who require real-time reflection of inventory data including current prices, item descriptions and availability
Upshot Commerce provides two powerful levels of support for your Ariba PunchOut integrated shopping cart solution:

Level I - PunchOut Direct

$100/month + $8,000/set-up

The Level 1 integration extension takes advantage of the standard PunchOut website protocols that are familiar to buyers worldwide. While using the PunchOut catalog, the buyer selects the item link within Ariba which "punches out" to the Upshot Commerce online storefront.

Level 2 - PunchOut Upshot Searchable Storefront

The Level 2 Ariba PunchOut integration extension is a combination of the Upshot Commerce shopping cart software and CIF catalog. Your online Upshot Commerce storefront inventory is searchable within the buyer's item search with a direct link to the PunchOut catalog page. Empower your purchasing agents to search within their Ariba e-procurement buying environment where the Upshot Inventory item will appear in the search results and a link will go to the PunchOut catalog.

For example, if you sell scientific equipment and your buyer searches their e-procurement system for a centrifuge model X291, then the search result links to the PunchOut catalog that is designated for the centrifuge model X291.

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