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Upshot Commerce solutions for apparel retail and wholesale businesses.

The Upshot Commerce Core Platform starts at $599 per month with a $1500 one-time license fee.
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The Challenge

An increasingly complex supply chain coupled with economic uncertainty in the United States and Europe has lead many apparel manufacturers to explore new revenue channels in ecommerce, yet keep costs as low as possible. However, selling clothing and apparel online is not easy. Perhaps more so than other types of retailers, the apparel industry has struggled to find ways to sell and market their items effectively in the online environment.

Apparel retailers need ecommerce solutions that understand the needs of their industry, with the ability to adapt and accommodate the unique needs of each brand. No longer is it just about selling B2B or DTC, it's about the full picture; it's about maintaining one fully integrated system that covers all aspects of your businesses endeavors, from supply chain management to POS sales.


Upshot Commerce understands Apparel. Our innovative ecommerce platform is designed with a number of features ideally suited for the needs of the fashion and apparel industry. We also offer full seamless integration with major ERPs, supply chain and tax management systems including BlueCherry, Sage, Ariba PunchOut and Avalara. This results in a consistent stream of data from one platform to the next, reducing errors and cutting expenses drastically.

The Upshot Commerce Platform is built to be completely customizable from the ground up. Apparel retailers don't need to be limited by generic, rigid ecommerce platforms that lack the ability to innovate; we can customize solutions designed around your needs to create a streamlined administrator and user experience.

Designed for Apparel Merchandising

Our software includes a number of features that are essential for merchandising clothing and apparel in the online environment.

  • Parent/Child structure - Display all sorts of product variables, including sizes, patterns, colors and prices and group them under one item for easy access and a more logical order flow.
  • Dynamic Swatches - Easily show color options on product detail pages with swatches that correspond to the appropriate color or pattern of your items. Product images dynamically change when the corresponding swatch is selected, allowing customers to accurately confirm the exact item that they are ordering.
  • Sizing Charts - Create dynamic sizing charts that are easy to update and simple to custom design.
  • Outfit Bundles - Offer full package outfits to your customers to take the guesswork out of style. Our bundle system allows you to easily pull items together under a single orderable product, and accounts for each individual item accordingly when ordered, keeping your inventory accurate and streamlined.
  • Image and Video Options - Create an unlimited number of product images for each apparel item, and upload all sorts of rich media to show off each product on your site, including videos and interactive 360 images.


  • Customized platform able to meet the unique demands of the apparel industry
  • Perfect for DTC and B2B wholesale ecommerce
  • Ability to grow and expand as your business grows, with highly scalable cloud-based software
  • Increased revenue potential through built-in online marketing and SEO tools
  • Increased efficiency through a single shared data point
  • Increased productivity through streamlined workflow and online order management
  • Remove operator duplicate data entry errors
Apparel Bundler Get Started »
Apparel and clothing retailers migrating to the world of ecommerce are faced with many challenges in translating their products effectively to an online environment. Brick and mortar stores present all sorts of opportunities for creating compelling sensory displays, for upselling and tying many products together into outfits and themes. Learn more...
BlueCherry Integration Get Started »
The ERP designed for Apparel. We pull data such as product prices, customer accounts, COGs, shipping costs, product attributes and inventory stock levels from BlueCherry to flow through your B2B or B2C ecommerce site and send data back to BlueCherry creating one seamless stream of data. Learn more...
Avalara Tax Management Get Started »
We provide cost-effective functionality with our Avalara Tax Management Integration that other shopping carts cannot match. We store address data and consolidate information sent to Avalara, resulting in decreased billings from the Avalara service. On average, this results in an 8X cost savings for Upshot Commerce users when compared to other ecommerce platform, making it the most cost effective solution on the market today. Learn more...
Multi Storefront Extension Get Started »
Maintain multiple storefronts from one back office. This is the ideal solution for apparel companies looking to branch out in a variety of markets. The extension allows you to maintain common or completely separate stock levels, pricing and user groups, while tracking everything from the same back office platform. Learn more...
Wholesale Extension Get Started »
Create multiple wholesale prices for the items in your catalog and assign specific buyers to those prices. This allow you to maintain varied wholesale relationships and increase revenue by expanding your customer base. Learn more...
Look Book Extension Get Started »
The Upshot Commerce Look Book allows retailers to pull together multiple items in their online store into outfits, imitating the physical experience of accessorizing a clothing store mannequin or display. From the back office, the retailer simply groups product SKUs together into outfits, and then on the online store front, the magic happens. Learn more...

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