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The Challenge

Apparel and clothing retailers migrating to the world of ecommerce are faced with many challenges in translating their products effectively to an online environment. Brick and mortar stores present all sorts of opportunities for creating compelling sensory displays, for upselling and tying many products together into outfits and themes. However, when many companies attempt to translate the styled shop window mannequin to the online store, the results often fall short.

The format of most ecommerce stores can make it difficult for many retailers to merchandise apparel effectively, and even more difficult to create upselling opportunities that are relevant and impactful. Retailers in the fashion and apparel industry need ecommerce stores with the ability to market and display clothing in a simple and accessible manner that mimics the interactive experience of a store front.


The Upshot Commerce Apparel Bundler allows retailers to group multiple items together into accessorized and easily purchasable outfits. Items are grouped together based on the style or color, allowing customers to select their desired size for the selected outfit.

Creating these apparel bundles is fast and easy for the retailer. After creating a SKU for the bundle, the application walks you through adding items to your grouping---pants, socks, blouse, bracelet--- whatever you like! Sizing options are matched across items--- this ensures that your medium sized pants are matched with your medium sized shirts, allowing the retailer to create one size selection for every item in the bundle.

The Apparel Bundler is also the perfect extension to integrate with marketing and advertising efforts. Retailers can promote attractive preassembled outfits in magazines, advertisements and even on social media sites, marketing the exact outfit for easy purchase. This makes "getting the look" as simple as just one click!


  • Ability to easily group clothing items together into visually appealing outfits
  • Creates shopping experience ideally suited for ecommerce apparel stores
  • Increase sales through customized upselling
  • Direct advertise to sell potential

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