Amazon Sales Management Integration

Gain Greater Results By Selling Directly To From Your Online Store!

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The Amazon Sales Management Integration is software directly integrated into your Upshot Commerce shopping cart software package. This integration does not work with other shopping cart systems.

With the power of Amazon Sales Management Integration, you can now sell your products online at! With this integration, will take care of all your billing. You simply submit your products to the catalog and orders are automatically downloaded into your Upshot Commerce shopping cart administrative interface for fulfillment. This allows you to provide extra customer service and customer retention for repeat sales!

  • Import and Sell directly on! with your Marketplace Pro account
  • Automatically process orders from anytime, anywhere, right into your Upshot Commerce shopping cart software
  • Synch up to all available Amazon features and selling tools
  • Use your pricing and item details from your Upshot Commerce inventory or override w/ special pricing just for Amazon.
  • And many more features to automate your Amazon business.

Feature Highlights

  • Integrated Online Management System for your activities
  • Ability to Sell your own products on your very own customized site or simply sell your inventory items directly to the community!
  • Customer Tracking and Order Management features
  • Plus the 1000s of other features of your Upshot Commerce E-commerce Software and shopping cart software product

Standard vs. Real-time Versions

Amazon Standard

  1. Go to Upshot Commerce DB Tools located in your Upshot Commerce Back Office. Download items table
  2. Use you Amazon import tools to upload items to your Amazon reseller account
  3. You will have to "massage" the data to meet Amazon's criteria each time you do this. Amazon is very specific about their formats and you will need to follow their instructions carefully. If you are looking for a full service integration please see our Amazon Real-Time Sales Integration offer.
  4. Orders from Amazon are automatically sent to your Upshot Commerce Back Office
  5. Manually update order fulfillment and tracking details at Amazon by downloading the files you need in the Upshot Commerce DB Tools
  6. Payments for order are as per your Amazon agreement.

Amazon Real-time

  1. Upshot Commerce engineer sets up Upshot Commerce to sync with your Amazon account.
  2. Catalog and inventory details are updated to Amazon every 15 minutes to reflect your current stock and pricing.
  3. Orders from Amazon are automatically sent to your Upshot Commerce Back Office.
  4. Orders fulfillment status and tracking data is automatically updated to Amazon as changes are made in Upshot Commerce.
  5. Payments for order are as per your Amazon agreement.
Note: Your Upshot Commerce shopping cart software package can be re-configured and expanded upon with customizations. We can meet the specific implementation for your business model demands
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