POS and ERP Integration Apps adds an incredible rich set of features to your Divinity ecommerce software and shopping cart functionality.

Additional information regarding the functionality of each app can be found by clicking on the links to the specific app.

POS & ERP Ecommerce Software Integration

Seamlessly integrate your POS software or your ERP software directly into your Divinity ecommerce solution.

  • Real-time and scheduled syncing options available!
  • Revenue gains may range from 7 to 16 percent, cost reductions from 9 to 15 percent according to IDC Research!
  • Our shopping cart integration is a process, not a project, so we adapt according to the dictates of your business!

With these Divinity Apps you are able to leverage your online business to create unique advantages that will contribute to the overall success of the organization, and much more, all from your custom Divinity E-commerce Suite integration.

One system to easily fulfill all of your ecommerce POS and ERP integration needs, including:

  • Full order management syncing;
  • Complete customer resource sharing;
  • Increased business intelligence mining.

All you need is:

  1. An active system from the POS or ERP / Accounting partner.
  2. A Divinity ecommerce shopping cart solution.
  3. The appropriate Divinity POS or ERP Integration App:

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