Localization Apps adds an incredible rich set of features to your Divinity ecommerce software and shopping cart functionality to target a world audience.

Additional information regarding the functionality of each app can be found by clicking on the links to the specific app.

Integrated Localization Software for Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Sell your products and services in multiple languages and currencies on your storefront using a Divinity ecommerce solution.

  • Increase Customer Base!
  • Increase Revenue Potential!
  • Single ecommerce platform to manage your localization strategies!

With these Divinity Apps you are able to store multiple translations of the content of your storefront and allow your customer to select which language translation to view your site. Additionally, our currency conversion service allows you to display the costs of your inventory in the denomination of the shopper's choice, all from your Divinity back office.

One system to easily fulfill all of your localization strategies, including:

  • Site wide or targeted language selections of your storefront content;
  • Accurate currency conversion in the denominations you set;
  • Custom and cultural context management.

All you need is:

  1. A Divinity E-commerce Suite shopping cart solution.
  2. The appropriate Divinity Localization App:

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