Drop Shipper and Fulfillment Account Management Apps adds an incredible rich set of features to your Divinity ecommerce software and shopping cart functionality.

Additional information regarding the functionality of each app can be found by clicking on the links to the specific app.

Integrated Drop Shipper & Fulfillment Inventory Management Shopping Cart Software

Manage your inventory from one or more drop shippers or fulfillment / distribution centers and notify the drop shipper or fulfillment / distribution center for order fulfillment all within your Divinity ecommerce solution.

  • Increase the number of items you sell online!
  • Notify drop shippers or fulfillment center of new orders!
  • Complete order and customer management of your online business!

With these Divinity Apps you are able to manage the inventory data you receive from your drop shipper, filter the inventory data to carry only the items you wish to sell, and more, all from your Divinity back office shopping cart software AND manage the inventory data you send to your fulfillment / distribution. center.

One system to easily fulfill all of your drop shipping and fulfillment / distribution. center strategies, including:

  • Full management of your catalog and categories;
  • Complete integration into the available features your drop shipper and fulfillment / distribution. center has available;
  • Support for multiple drop shipper and fulfillment / distribution. center accounts in one shopping cart system.

All you need is:

  1. An active account with your drop shipper or fulfillment / distribution. center and technical documentation for integration for your account.
  2. A Divinity shopping cart solution.
  3. The appropriate Divinity Drop Shipper or Fulfillment Center Account Management App:

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