CRM Apps adds an incredible rich set of features to your built-in customer relations management tools found in your Divinity ecommerce software and in the shopping cart storefront functionality therefore increasing your relations with your customers, vendors, and stakeholders.

Additional information regarding the functionality of each app can be found by clicking on the links to the specific app.

Integrated CRM Software for Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Position your organization to engage your customers through software dedicated toward problem solving and communications through better relationship building.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction!
  • Increase Responsiveness to Customer Inquires!
  • Provide instant messaging responses by dedicated operators!

With these Divinity Apps you are able to manage your existing relations with your customers and potential new customers. Our CRM apps combined with the Divinity E-commerce Suite combines all the business processes you need to get and keep customers, and much more, all from your Divinity back office.

One system to easily fulfill all of your CRM strategies, including:

  • Fully integrated help desk software with tiered support;
  • Online chat software with optional video feed;
  • Customizations based on your specific business model.

All you need is:

  1. A Divinity E-commerce Suite shopping cart solution.
  2. The appropriate Divinity CRM Apps:

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