Get Mobile. Now.

If you are wondering whether your website needs to be 4G, smart phone and  tablet-friendly, do some research. Or, take your pick from any one of many statistics on this infographic created by and posted on the popular ecommerce blog, GetElastic:

Just some of my favorite highlights:

  • 87% of the world’s population has mobile phones.
  • 79% of consumers report using their phone while shopping.
  • By 2015, it is estimated that more consumers will be using the mobile web rather than conventional desktop web surfing.
  • And yet… 79% of large online retailers do not have a mobile optimized site.

As always is the case with technology, the world is changing and it is changing fast.  More and more consumers are using their smartphones and tablets as an active tool to assist them in their shopping experience, whether they make their purchases online or in brick and mortar stores.  This growing field of mobile ecommerce suggests that ecommerce retailers who chose to not optimize their sites for the mobile platform are not only missing out on potential markets now, but they are ignoring what is increasingly the obvious direction that general commerce is headed.

Sorry for the tough love, retailers. You need this.

If you, like 79% of major retailers out there are realizing that you need to optimize for the mobile platform– yesterday — never fear.  Upshot Commerce’s Mobile eCommerce Plus gives you all the tools you need to move your website into the popular Android and iPhone app marketplace.

With the Upshot Commerce Mobile eCommerce Plus, your ecommerce website is automatically reformatted to display correctly on a mobile device, allowing for a seamless shift from one ecommerce platform to another. Using our Smart Technology, the website automatically detects if a user’s resolution falls into the “mobile” range, which lets us know to display the mobile storefront.  The user also has the option to view your site in the full standard version if they do not want the mobile format.  Like all of our themes, Mobile eCommerce Plus is totally customizable with core templates that can be formatted to meet your functional and design needs.

In addition, because we believe that mobile ecommerce compatibility is so essential for the success of our clients, we offer basic HTML5 Mobile eCommerce compatibility to most users of the Upshot Commerce Core Platform at no additional cost.

Custom Mobile Application Development

Want to create a custom mobile ecommerce application, optimized for the Android, iPhone and tablet markets? We can do that too.   Upshot Commerce can create custom apps specifically designed for:

  • jQueryMobile eCommerce
  • Android Native App eCommerce
  • iPhone/iPad iOS Native App eCommerce

This allows your customer to take full advantage of the benefits of these interfaces, and allows you to custom create the experience you want your mobile users to have. The benefits of a custom mobile application include:

  • Seamless integration into your Upshot Commerce Store
  • Intuitive browsing that takes advantage of the iPhone and Android’s graphical interfaces
  • Powerful catalog searching using iPhone and Android’s keystrokes
  • Ability to order directly from the iPhone and Android app
  • Easy customer application download from iTunes, Google Play or similar online store

If you’re interested in learning more about Custom Mobile Application Development, just contact us. Each application design is unique and we are happy to provide custom quotes for the specific needs of your mobile ecommere application.

So don’t worry, faithful clients. The future is coming. We’ve got you covered.

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