Don’t Miss Out on Daily Deals

“I never pay full price!”

I cannot tell you how many times I heard that phrase coming out of my grandmother growing up.  A product of the Great Depression, Mee Maw never liked to pay more for something than SHE felt she needed to.

These days, with the proliferation of daily deal sites like Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN), Living Social and RetailMeNot, the average customer not only looks for, but expects deals and special offers on many of the products they buy.

While many retailers may bemoan this arms race towards ever greater sales, promotions and one-time-only-special-offers-you-cannot-pass-up, the Daily Deal can actually be a very useful, quick, and easy tool to promote your ecommerce store.  Studies done by ConsumerSearch and Lightspeed Research both found that businesses who offered Groupons saw a 65-68% repeat customers, according to contributor Laura Heller.  Even when some critics do caution against the dangers of offering deals indiscriminately, they still acknowledge that most retailers see not only an increase in business, but also an increase in profits over 50% of the time.

The key to making this sort of strategy work is first to do it for the right reasons, and to do it smartly with the right tools at your disposal.  With Upshot Commerce’s Deal of the Day Extension, you will have the tools to take full advantage of daily deal sales while still managing everything seamlessly from your Upshot ecommerce solution back office.  All you do is select the products to be promoted, enter their discount price, start date and launch priorities. Your online storefront and shopping cart is notified in real-time and automatically adds the promotional products to the areas of your site which promotes the daily deals.

Because everything is integrated right into your Upshot Commerce Core Platform, you avoid a lot of the miscommunications and errors that can come from using a third-party promotions site.  “I’ve seen what happens when other ecommerce companies force customers to use third parties to extend their platform,” says Upshot Commerce founder and CEO Neal Kaiser.  “The process often results in broken sites and lost sales.”

Benefits from our extension include:

  • Increased sales from daily specials
  • Quantity and time countdown tickers create impulse buying
  • Easily managed marketing section of online store
  • Increased customer awareness of brand value

The Deal of the Day Extension is available to ecommerce developers using the Upshot Commerce Core Platform for just $25 a month.


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